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In addition to their range of Themed Sets Airfix recently came with two new interesting kits regarding the hilarious Shaun The Sheep TV Series.
  • portland
New Heavy Cruise from Niko Model, USS Portland CA33.
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Soldiers have announced their new item.
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Continuing to build on their fine range of photoetch sets Gold Medal Models has announced their WW2 Imperial Japanese Navy Battleship detail set .This set is available now and the retail price is US$42.00.
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Further to Kenny Loups update on the 18th of July 2008 Fujimi Models have now supplied images of their 1/350 IJN Haruna completed and painted.
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Adding to their growing product range Starfighter Decals are releasing a 1/500 A-4 Skyhawk set. Expertly cast by Admiralty Model Works on behalf of Starfighter Decals it contains six aircraft and decals.

This set is designed primarily for use on those Revell "Box Scale" Aircraft carrier kits from the good old 60's and 70's. Now you can complete the decks of the Forrestal and Essex class kits with accurate shaped planes with decals.

This set is available now with a retail price of US$12.50.
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As a follow-up from our initial announcement, here's HOT NEWS and first images of Battlefleet Models new U.S.C.G. Cutter Tamaroa (WHEC-166)!
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NEWS in from Modelers Warehouse, of a brand new set of pre-mixed earth-tone washes!
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NEWS in from Dragon Models Limited, direct from the Dragon Hobby Expo, a super teaser of the latest upcoming addition to their 1/350 scale ship offerings!
  • Foredeck
Another manufacturer is close to adding another ship to its 1/350th range, WEM are releasing the HMS Landguard/USCGC Shoshone 1941. Join me in viewing an early preliminary shot of this model.

The date of release and price are yet to be announced however pre orders are currently being taken.

Watch out for a further update on this set as more information comes to hand
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Adding to their range of 1/700 upgrade sets L’Arsenal are releasing the 1/700 Richelieu upgrade set . This set is available now with a retail price of US$40.00
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Building on their growing range of 1/350 ships Aoshima have announced the release of the 1/350 IJN Transporter Kaiwo Maru. This kit is available now and the retail price is 3,008 yen.
The latest book from Eagle Editions is Volume 5 of their successful series Wings of the Black Cross.
  • 350th_Air_Group
Are you looking to build a 1/350 US aircraft carrier but haven’t found an air group that you like? Well Starfighter Decals may have just what you are looking for. Available now, Starfighter gives the big scale modeler the freedom to portray any WWII USN fleet carrier with their 350-33 USN Generic Air Group Markings 1944. This set provides aircraft insignia and numbers in white for around 90 aircraft, a complete US Navy Air Group from the 1944 time frame. Insignia sized for SBD Dauntless and SB2C Helldiver dive bombers, F4U Corsair and F6F Hellcat Fighters, and TBM Avenger torpedo bombers included. Numbers in 24", 18" and 12" size in white and 12" in black are also provided. This set can be used with thin white decal stripes to mark the air groups from the USS Essex, USS Yorktown, USS Bunker Hill and various Light Carriers. A full color placement and color guide is included with this decal set, which retails for $20.00.
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PFA Produtions adds more buildings to their line of Rail Road accessories. The Harmony Office Building is the newest.
  • Mr. Shunsaku Tamiya
The President and Chief Executive of Tamiya Mr.Shunsaku Tamiya announced at the 2008 Shizuoka Hobby Show that he will retire in June.
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Fujimi Models gave the model ship world a sneak peek at their latest 1/350 creation, the test shot of the IJN BB/CV Hybrid Ise There is not a lot of information at the time, but I think we all remember the last time Fujimi showed off a test shot. Enjoy the photos.
  • PFConcrete_arch_bridge
PFA Productions has made a name for themselves in the modeling world with their accessories. They are expanding their product lines into the Rail Road world. The Concrete Arch bridge is the first of many to come.
  • TAM12622
As announced in an earlier news story, Tamiya is releasing plastic figures for your 1/350 ship kits. Here is a detailed photo of what these new figures will look like.
  • mizzou_4
Continuing to expand their selection of photo etch sets, Flyhawk Photoetched announces their upcoming 1/700 USS Missouri Photo Etch Set. Designed for use with Tamiya’s Missouri kit, this set will be released in the next couple of weeks. No price has yet to be announced.
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Continuing to build upon their success, Flyhawk Photoetched announces the release of several 1/700 photo etch upgrades for your World War II ships. Offering sets for Imperial Japanese Navy, U. S. Navy and the British Navy, there is something here for everyone. Join me in taking a closer look at what these kits has to offer.
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Fireball Modelworks has been very busy lately. Joseph Osborne has started producing resin update sets for Hueys, in addition to his excellent decal sets.
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NEWS and first images in from Russian based model manufacturer FLAGMAN Models of their next release in 1/350 scale plastic injection mold, "Soviet Nuclear Submarine "K-3" November class"!
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It looks as though Dragon has given the same "upgraded" treatment to Panda's 1/35 UH-1N as they did to their 1/35 UH-1D/H model.
  • DSCF3882
Lost Battalion Miniatures announced their new releases.
  • l_LNRLS350008_MFU8
Aftermarket upgrade manufacturer LionRoar Model Arts Co. has entered the scene with a new 1/350 scale set designed exclusively for the Hasegawa Nagato!
  • hornet_11
Always working to bring the ship modeler more variety, Starfighter Decals proudly announces their next two World War II air wing releases. If you are a fan of the Essex class Hornet, then you may want to take a look at the 350-31 Air Group Two USS Hornet 1944 decal set. This set covers Air Group 2 and the Hornet’s unique ship markings like the island scoreboard and the hanger deck markings. Retail price for this set is $20.00 USD.
Also released this month is the 700-63 Lexington Air Group 1942 decal set. If you are a history buff of the Battle of the Coral Sea, then this decal set is a must if you are building the Lady Lex. Designed with the Trumpeter USS Lexington CV-2 kit in mind, this set includes the markings for a complete air group to including the air group at the time of the Battle of the Coral Sea. As a bonus, tail stripes for F2A Buffalos carried by the Lexington in '41 are included for those who want to do one of the various paint jobs from that year.
  • Fallschirmjäger w/Kurzer 8cm Granatwerfer42
Dragon have announced a set of Gen 2 Fallschirmjäger w/Kurzer 8cm Granatwerfer42.
  • The two Absalon Class flexible support ships, built by Odense Steel Shipyar
The two Absalon Class vessels, built by Odense Steel Shipyard for the Danish Navy, are flexible support ships (combat support ships).

The ships can be equipped for naval warfare, land attack, strategic sealift missions or as a command platform. They can also be configured as hospital ships or for emergency disaster relief.

Vector recently announced 6 additions to their range of 1/48 resin engines.

  • airfix1
Arguably, it was Airfix who started it all, therefore it seems to be appropriate to begin this series of reports from the Nuremberg Trade fair with them
  • lsw_1
Bronco Models takes a dip on the wet side of modeling with their latest upcoming release. The 1/35 Land-Wasser-Schlepper (LSW) was a World War II German amphibious tracked vehicle designed for landing operations. This kit contains hundreds of olive green parts on 9 sprues, 1 sprue of clear parts, a complete set of black workable individual track links and a very detailed hull with complete rivet detail. The completed kit measures about 10" long. Retail cost on this unique vessel is $99.98 and will be available early this year.
  • yhst-55434581667841_1987_0
With the end of the Tomcat era for the US Navy, Starfighter Decals takes you back in time with their latest decal set. This new release, 700-62 CVW-14 USS Enterprise 1974 First Tomcat Cruise takes you back to September 1974 when the F-14A was first deployed to the fleet with Carrier Air wing 14 on the Big E. Starfighter recommends using Revell’s 1/720 USS Enterprise with Skywave’s USN aircraft sets. Retail price for this set is $12.50 and is available now.
  • wempe3586
John Snyder from White Ensign Models announce that Peter Hall has put the finishing touches on their new 1/350 Mikasa Photo Etch Detail Set. This set features everything you have come to expect from a WEM detail set. John is accepting pre-orders now and the retail price will be $61.84.
  • The Karel Doorman class M-Frigates are equipped for anti-submarine and surf
The Royal Netherlands Navy Multi-purpose (M-Class) or Karel Doorman Class frigates were built by the De Schelde Group in Flushing and have been operational since 1996.

They are equipped for anti-submarine, anti-air and surface warfare roles. M-class frigates have supported anti-drug operations in the Caribbean with the US Navy, UN operations in the Adriatic and regularly participate in NATO exercises.
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Yedharo Models' new year message includes their new releases, a 54 mm figure and a bust. These items are the very first pieces of their new fantasy series called War of Zodiac
  • WWI_German_pilot_in_Flight_suit
The Model Cellar, Great War specialists, have recently announced the release of a new 1/48 scale pilot, one which would make a great little addition to virtually any 1/48 scale WWI German aircraft - or look great even on its own.
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HOT NEWS in from our mates across the pond in Russia, an announcement of a new model manufacturer, AND test shots of their first offering!
  • LAS35003-1
LionRoar Model Arts Co. sends us photos of their new 1/35 PT Boat Upgrade Set for Italeri's PT Boat. Packed full of details, this set will add to an already wonderful kit. The retail price for this set is unknown at this time.
  • p53033_07b
Take a look at this new and exciting looking aftermarket upgrade from Eduard, in 1/72 scale, for Revells Schnellboot Flak 38mm!
  • RFA Mounts Bay was launched on 9 April 2004 from BAE Systems' Govan yard.
Four Bay Class Landing Ship Dock (Auxiliary) ships, LSD(A), are scheduled to enter service with the UK Royal Fleet Auxiliary by the end of 2007. Two ships have been built by Swan Hunter (Tyneside) at the Wallsend shipyard and two by BAE Systems at the Govan shipyard.

  • kriator_72
Spanish figure producer Draconia has a new fantasy figure.
  • 54-10-2
Enigma Miniatures have announced their latest releases. Two items of 54 mm and four items of 30 mm, all interesting.
  • Black Lion Decals
Black Lion Decals is a new company, based in the Netherlands, started by three Dutch Modelers: Michel Boer, Jan Giesbers and Antal Giesbers.
Their aim is to produce decals for those models that lack them.
They say their favourites are the rare, weird and exotic ones and no matter the subject, no matter the scale; if you want that unique one-off decal for your model only, then they’ll design and print it for you!
  • Book_Cover2
Sheperd Paine has recently announced a forthcoming new publication of his works.
  • 6503-cover
The U.S. Intervention in Panama in 1989 is, unfortunately, not the most-covered of subjects. This is a pity as many of the vehicles and equipment are very attractive subjects for modelers. However, this new book from Concord Publications may awken some interest in the subject...
This kti is a futuristic looking craft that might not be as Sci-Fi as you think. A new resin offering from Fantastic Plastic looks to have tons of options.
Battlestar Galactica fans will love seeing this kit hit the shelves. The Pegasus is being released in resin by Fantastic Plastic Models.
This very interesting story has been syndicated from ModelShipwrights and credit should go to its author Mark Smith (Gunny).

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