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MINIART has announced a civilian BULLDOZER that should fit right in with No. 1 Gauge.
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BLACK CAT MODELS from France is a new company that creates 1/144 and 1/350 naval models.
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Andy Brazier has alerted us to some very sad breaking news posted on Hannants' website.
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MATHO MODELS announces a trio of sets of cardboard boxes for 1/35 modelers.
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Mike Ashey Publishing is now set up for the PAYPAL purchases for the 50 states and Puerto Rico. International purchases are still being worked out and we will have a simple process online soon.
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These are models which Herpa debuted in Car & Truck News 09-10 2016.
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Herpa has announced their releases for July and August in Car & Truck News 07-08 2016.
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Car & Truck News 03-04 2016 is the Herpa catalogue of new releases for March and April. Model railroaders and auto fans of many eras can populate their layouts and collections with these models.
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HILLSIDE, New Jersey: Effective immediately, Atlas Model Railroad Co., has agreed to purchase BLMA Models Inc., of Fullerton, California. Founded in 2000, BLMA manufactures quality HO, N, and Z scale rolling stock and accessories. Upon completion of the acquisition, Atlas will own and release all current tooling, inventory, and will continue with production plans outlined by BLMA, prior to the sale.
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The world of modelling suffered a sad loss last Wednesday with the passing of Gordon Stevens.
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Cars & Trucks 2016 / 1-2 is the Herpa catalogue of new releases for January and February. Motor vehicle modelers and model railroaders of many eras can populate their layouts with these models.
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New small series of decals from AOA covering 1/32 ordnance
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Pere Marquette 1225, the model for the movie Polar Express and muscle for many steam excursions, will be dusting the rails in June!
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We are saddened to have to announce the news that our own Bruce Miller (grayghost666) has passed away. Bruce had been fighting for several years against cancer as many of you who knew him well on the site probably know. Bruce headed up the campaigns section on Model Shipwrights since 2011. He joined KitMaker in 2007 and, as many will attest, did his best to make the community a better place.
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Some great news for the Kitmaker Network with the transfer of My Hobby Info into the Kitmaker Network.
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I have to thank Stephen T. Lawson (JackFlash) for bringing to our attention the sad news of the Passing of Konstantin Krevenko of Zvezda.
AvantGarde Model Kits have announced via their Facebook page their 2014 release program. While we have already had news on the FM CM170 and MiG-31 three other new items were announced!
The International Plastic Modellers’ Society are hosting their 50th show this year at the International Centre Telford on the 9th and 10th Of November 2013.
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There will be some fairly big changes coming to Armorama and Historicus Forma in the near future. We also have a couple of new vendor relationships to announce.
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Atlas has announced production of Hurricane Sandy Relief Cars in all scales offered - N, HO & O.
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Herpa holiday arrivals match the festive season with dozens of colorful new models for November and December.
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It has been about 6 months since our last (forced) move, but since that time our hosting provider has updated their hosting offerings to more modern processors, etc.
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Profiline and MPM have an announcement about Profiline's line of plastic kits
Tune in tomorrow night to The History Channel's show, "American Restoration" and see the restoration of Nevada Northern Railway's cement gun.
Matt and Celine of El Greco Miniatures kindly informed us about the new service of the company ; a review blog for the products.

Ahoy Shipmates!!!

Harry from BattleFleet Models (BFM) has called with some news for us regarding new products.
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You are the one of the first, who will know about our new kits!
Please, contact with our distributors! We are proud to inform you about our new online shop! Please, visit us. http://www.mirage-hobby.pl/
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The Red Baron movie filmed in Europe 2008 Has been available to purchase in the USA since early 2010. Postproduction: CGI by PIXOMONDO Shooting schedule: 10 July 2006 – 3 October 2006. Filming Locations: Prague & surrounding area, Czech Republic / Baden-Württemberg, Germany Type of film financing: Private (raised by NIAMA-FILM)
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José A. Azorín, the Owner of the Publishing House,Xtreme Modelling, has just mailed me with details of a competion which they are running jointly with Vallejo Acrylics
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NEWS just in, on a bright, new addition to your reference library, U.S. Patrol Torpedo Boats in World War II, 1939-1945, by T. Garth Connelly!
After performing Pegaso Painting Competition; Historicus Forma has the great pleasure in announcing a new collaboration with another Italian giant of miniatures, Romeo Models. This takes place in the form of a two and a half month long miniature painting contest: “Romeo Painting Competition 2008”.
  • Seahawk
Building on their ever growing range of photoetch sets White Ensign Models have announced the release of their 1/350 Trumpeter aircraft series photoetch sets .
Pegaso Models announced 1° International Painting Workshop, to be hosted, in English language, in Siena from 27 to 30 November 2008.

For any further information, details or request please write to: [email protected]
Are you a fan of modeler/author Mike Ashey? Do you have any of his tips and techniques publications?....well, mates, Mike sends an announcement this morning that will benefit the entire modeling community!
Read on...
Historicus Forma has the great pleasure in announcing a new collaboration with the Italian giant of miniatures, Pegaso Model. This takes place in the form of a 3 month long miniature painting contest: “Pegaso Painting Competition 2008”.
  • mm51
Have you ever needed a kit and found everyone out of stock. Micro Mark has positioned itself as a new resource. They are now distributing a wide range of model kits from Tamiya and Italeri.
The wreckage of the burning Fokker D.VII lay at the end of the tarmac. . . The Major -- the first to reach the crash---crouching crouching over Lt. ... 'No--no dont move me. Let me die--here. Listen. Come closer. Getting weaker... Listen, Order of the Purple Ace Almost got me but I escaped. Came to warn you all.
A.M.P.S. (The Armor Modeling and Preservation Society) have announced a series of new articles in their 'in-house' magazine Boresight...
I bet many of us have wished for a particular detail set but how many of us have been in a position to actually ask for one and have our wish granted?
Ahoy Mates!
Are you a forum rat? Got a natural knack for the gift of gab, information exchange, and all around chit-chat?

Then maybe YOU would like to be one of our forum hosts/moderators here at Model Shipwrights!

On the 27th Feb The Wheatcroft Collection will have its own website where the public can for the first time view many of the items in the collection and also see details of onging restoration projects. The launch of the site will be simultaneous with that of the new Military Modeling site, where editor Vinnie Branigan will be featuring the collection in a lead article.
Mike Bass of Stevens International has informed us that Congressman Andrews will be re-introducing the Military Toy Replica Act as both a stand-alone bill as well as attempting to have it included as a part of the 2008 NDAA (the Department of Defense’s annual authorizing bill). The 2007 list of House and Senate Armed Services Committee members are being posted shortly. Here is the House list (the Senate list will be forthcoming as soon as their web site is updated with the new members): http://armedservices.house.gov/list_of_members.shtml

It appears that the tactics of the licensors has lightened just a bit for now, but it is assumed they are simply waiting to see whether Congress loses interest in this issue. Therefore, our efforts need to continue, and Congressman Andrews remains committed to passing this legislation. Here is what needs to be done by our membership at this time in order to continue our quest to get this important piece of legislation passed:

From the list on the above web link, please call the Washington DC office(not your local office) of HASC members in your state. You can click on their names to obtain the contact information from the members own web site.
Ask for the aide in charge of military affairs. Explain to that person who you are and that you are calling to garner support for the Military Toy Replica Act when it is reintroduced shortly by Congressman Andrews(there is no new Bill number yet assigned to it).
Explain briefly what the Act is, in case they do not know, and also explain in dire terms why you need this legislation passed. Be sure to tell them that your business will suffer if it is NOT passed.
Get the name and extension of the person to whom you are speaking, and ask them to contact you (or ask when you can contact them again) to confirm that the legislator you called will support us on this.
Let it be known that they may contact the office of Congressman Rob Andrews(D-NJ) for additional information on this Act.
At the point your legislator has confirmed support, please be sure to let Mike Bass know so he may confer with Andrews' office on this. It is very important that Congressman Andrews knows who is with him in this effort.

Just a head's up about the latest additions to The Basement.
Our train aficionados probably know that Union Pacific has taken legal action against Lionel for Trademark Infringement. According to Lionel the action is over: and it’s good news for the modeling community.
Well here it is! The first in a new series of 'Smart' models from Dragon.

The Sd.Kfz.171 Panther Ausf.G.
With the recent competition from Dragon and the taster yesterday that announced the new line was going to be called 'Smart Kits', here's some more tasters!
Meteor has FREE shipping to APO/FPO addresses, and expanded the offer to UK, and other, servicemembers!
It has been quite a while since I published a news article about the site. For those who have been around most of our (almost) 4 years you probably remember me posting quite a few site "news" stories. We have a few things to announce prior to the sites birthday on December 16th.
This is Scalewerke’s 1st online modelling contest and we decided to start small but with a specific topic. This year the focus is on Military Figure Painting in Camouflage, as long as it is a “Military related figure in camouflage”. Scale will be 1/35, 1/32 & 54mm only. Visit our website for further details. www.scalewerke.com
Back in january we published a series of links to enable people to contribute to the relief effort following the terrible events of the Tsunami disaster in S.E. Asia. Following the truly horrendous events following the Katrina hurricane, here are a series of similar links to enable people to contribute in a similar manner...