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Keep in mind you are looking at an ARCHIVE of our original site platform and network. You can find our new forums and links to our sites here: forums.kitmaker.net.

KitMaker Network is a social community for scale modelers, miniaturists, and collectors with 76,070 registered users from all over the world. This site was built with the goal of providing a fun place for members to relax, share information and generally have a good time.With over 7.6 million visits over the last year, KitMaker is one of the most active hobbyist sites on the Internet.

KitMaker sites promote friendly and open forums for users to share their know-how, sp that they can discover ways to build more satisfying models. We are also very interested in helping our hobby continue well into the 21st century. To that end we want to help foster a place where both beginners and experts can feel at home.

We are always looking for feedback and help. If you feel you have something to contribute please do. Please remember that this site is not about the techniques or opinions of any one individual, or even a small group, but the collected experience and opinions of the larger community involved. We want you to be a part of that community!

We try to make using this site as easy a possible. However no complex database driven site is that easy. If you are having a problem or have questions about the site, please review the information or post your query in our User Support forum.

We have received many great comments about the site since it went live. Our thanks to everyone who took a moment (or many moments) to write us! Here are some random selections.

"What an outstanding site. Well balanced with attention to detail." - Conrad

"I saw your site....I am at a loss for words...terrific and awesome!!!" - Ryan

"Love it! great...looks like a tankee, smells like cordite, now it just needs a few flash games to get one in the mood!" - Felix

"Thanks for posting the photos... And I appreciate the one with the added background as it looks like that it was really shot in the battlefield!" - M.C. Leung

"First of all, I must say Armorama is really a very nice site, very professionally layout!" - Vince Wai

"By the way EXCELLENT SITE !! Glad I found it (through a post on RMS)" - Mike Taylor

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Editorial Staff

Jim Starkweather, PUBLISHER, _EXECS
Jim is the founder and sole software developer for the KitMaker Network. He created Armorama back in 2001 as a hobby to learn more about how to build large community Web sites. As someone who had built models, Jim was hoping that creating a fun and interactive site covering scale modeling might even get him back into the hobby (and it has). He lives in Dublin, New Hampshire with his wife, daughter, and three dogs.

I have written professionally for many years, and hope to use those skills to help with the review copy for Armorama. My personal interests are World War II German armor and aircraft, and I have spent some time studying a few vehicles and aircraft in detail (Sd.Kfz.7 and BF-110 G-4). I work in the marketing world, and enjoy my hobby time as a way to keep from having to be scraped off the wall at the end of the week.