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Head Magnifying Glass

by: Ronny Noben [ ROADKILL ]

In the past when I went to shows or at club meetings and I saw other modelers (mainly older ones) with this contraption on their heads. I always found them to look silly and you would never find me carrying one of those on my head. besides my eyes are still young enough and my vision (ahum forget the fact that I wear contacts please) is still good enough to pick up the fine detail. Yeah right!


I have a "lazy Susan" with a magnifier glass attached and the first thing I get rid off was the magnifier since it always gave me a headache. Last year I (somehow) borrowed a head magnifier glass from a club member and a new world has opened for me. Now I always wear this on my head (me and my big mouth).This handy Double Lens head magnifier offers the user many features and easy operation. Light weight, only 110 grams, the user gets a clear view with a wide angle of vision through the double lens glasses. Velcro closure of the head band makes it easy to adjust the head band to any head size. It is unnecessary for the user to take off his or her glasses and the users hands are completely free. One touch design with 1.8x and 2.3x double lenses used together the magnification becomes 3.7x. By bringing down the spare lens the user can change the magnification. And if the flip down loop is used, magnification goes to 4.8x power.Due to the fact that you are looking thru 2 separate lenses you get a good dept perspective, necessary for small PE work or detail paintjobs.You can find it at any good hobby shop but there a difference in price, ranging from $15 USD to $50 USD, so shop a bit until you find one you like.

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  Scale: Other
  PUBLISHED: Feb 23, 2003
  NATIONALITY: United States

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