Antwerpen, Belgium

Occupation: Operational Manager
Interests: WW2 - 1/35 scale, reading, movies (and of course my wife)
Username: Roadkill


About Roadkill
Ola, my name is Ronny Noben and I am a plasticohalic. No serious, I started building around 10-11 and one of the first kits I remember is a model of the Nike Hercules Surface to Air Missile. It was the rocket my father was a engineer for in the Belgian Army. As a kid I mostly builded airplanes (vividly remembering a big silver B-25 super fortress crashing from my bedroom ceiling) and when I was around 14-15 I builded my first armor (Italeri's Crusader III). After a few AVF's I discovered a new hobby, Girls, and I left the hobby aside for 15 years (mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa) Now I mostly build WWII AVF with a love for diorama's. I am not a fast builder, and with a wife and 3 kids in the house (teenager, pre-teenager and a toddler) you know where my time go's, but when I have the time I will be at my club ( or here or behind my working desk, so have fun building and don't be a stranger :-)

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