Thursday, June 20, 2002 - 03:02 AM UTC
DGeraths' Dragon Wagon diorama has won the Best of Show - Contestants Choice Award at the recent IPMS Lt. Alexander Pearson Invitational held on June 15, 2002. More images of this event are on display here. We are all very proud of Dana for his excellent work on this project and for sharing it with us (and other modeling sites) the way he did.
Many of us followed the posts by DGeraths in our forum about the steps in building this large scale dio. It depicts a possible scene from a historical incident in France during WWII where a single Sherman tank tried to hold off superior forces, but was eventually hit with the loss of all the crew inside. The diorama shows the Dragon Wagons crew preparing to load the vehicle as villagers lay flowers on the burned out tank in honor of the crew that died for their freedom.

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