Thursday, May 27, 2004 - 07:34 PM UTC
Yesterday, I received photos and details of the (first) diorama accessory from a new company:
It is always nice to be able to give some coverage to a new producer, and this is certainly no exception...

Scale Creations have launched their first diorama accessory. It comes in the form of a ruined German church in 1/35th scale, although it would be equally useful in any European setting in virtually any period.

The kit consists the church (manufactured in a cork-material) which consists of four pieces. All the pieces (and this is a useful addition) have clear location marks on them.

The other components consist of the following:

One large bag of plaster

One small bag of static grass

One small bag of 'Celluclay'

One large bag of fine rubble

One medium bag of medium rubble

Also included as a 'bonus' are five cast-resin ammo crates.

Now this is a truly innovative idea. The idea of buying a diorama accessory with everything included strikes me as downright smart. It is particularly useful for 'newbies' to diorama work, who only need to provide some figures, a base and perhaps a vehicle. No need to go charging around the place looking for bits of rubble or static grass etc. Now no-one is pretending that this is a 'shake and bake' diorama, some skill and thought will have to be put into using it well. However, there is no doubt in my mind that this new product will encourage many to 'make the jump' into diorama work.

At the moment SCALE CREATIONS are selling the set directly, not having yet established retail outlets for this interesting product.

Scale Creations Church Ruin, costs $45 and is available directly from the manufacturers. Scale Creations can be contacted directly at:

[email protected]

As a postscript, Scale Creations will obviously be looking for distributors/retailers. If anyone can help in this, contact them at the above address....

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