Sunday, May 23, 2004 - 06:46 AM UTC
Mole Military Miniatures have purchased the entire remaining stock of Letraset Dry Print Decals. The decals cover Aircraft and Armour subjects and are available in 1/72 and 1/35 scales for the most part.
Mole Military Miniatures have kindly suplied a number of samples, along with a list of the range, which are available exclusively from:

Dorking Models
12/13 West Street
Dorking, Surrey RH4 1BL
United Kingdom
Tel/Fax 01306 881747

P&P on the sheets is free in the UK, and charged at cost for the rest of the world.

Sheet Number Details & Price
A1 German SS Panzer Division insignia 1/72, 1/48 & 1/35. 3.00
A2 German Afrika Korps & Panzer Div. insignia, inc. tactical markings 1/35. 3.00
A3 German Afrika Korps & Panzer Div. insignia inc. turret numerals 1/35. 3.00
A4 As for A2 but also includes 1/35 number plates & crosses 1/72 & 1/35. SOLD OUT
M4 Luftwaffe underwing & fuselage crosses. 3.00
M5 Luftwaffe underwing & fuselage crosses. 3.00
M6 Luftwaffe fighter upper wing crosses. SOLD OUT
M7 Luftwaffe upper wing later type crosses. 3.00
M8 Luftwaffe fighter chevrons, gruppe fuselage markings etc. 4.00
M9 RAF 'B' type roundels. 4 sizes. 4.00
M10 RAF 'C' type roundels 1942-45 & fin flashes. various sizes. 4.00
M11 RAF 'A' type roundels 1940-41 & fin flashes. various sizes. 4.00
M12 RAF prototype markings, 3 sizes. Kill markings & many fuselage emblems. 4.00
M13 RAF red fuselage code letters & serials. 2 sizes. SOLD OUT
M14 RAF grey (10mm) & black (13mm) fuselage code letters. 3.00
M I5 RAF duck egg (8, 10mm) & grey (8mm) code letters. 3.00
M16 RAF black (8,10mm) code letters, inc. 2 sizes serial no. & 'Royal Navy'. 3.00
M17 Italian upper & lower wing markings `fasces'. Various sizes. 3.00
M I8 Italian tail crosses & shields. Various bomber 8 fighter squadron badges. 4.00
M19 Italian fuselage code numbers, 6 & 8mm. 3.00
M20 Luftwatfe 8mm fuselage code letters & numerals. SOLD OUT
M21 U.S Air Force & Navy code letters & numerals (8mm) & U.S. AIR FORCE/NAVY. 3.00
M22 U.S, aircraft insignia. With & without white bar & center red spot. 9 sizes. 4.00
M23 U.S 1/48 markings for P-51 (Texas Terror IV) & P-47 (Amy Lou). 2.00
M24 As above in 1/72 plus P-38. 2.00
M25 Luftwaffe crosses, upper & lower wing & fuselage. Various styles 8 sizes. 3.00
M26 luftwaffe crosses, large sizes up to 27mm. 3.00
M27 Russian aircraft numerals, various sizes (also suitable for AFV's). 3.00
M28 Russian stars, plain & outlined, 6 sizes, slogans, Guards badges, etc. 3.50
M29 Luftwaffe 8mm yellow fuselage code letters & numbers. Also with black outline. 3.00
M30 Luftwaffe 6mm codes as above plus 6mm black codes. 3.00
M31 Canadian roundels, 8 sizes (4,5,8,12,17 & 29mm) inc. both types of maple leaf. 4.00
M32 Canadian Armed Forces/Forces Armees Canadiennes maple leaf emblems. 3.00
M33 Canadian aircraft codes & serials. 8 sizes in black. 2.00
M34 Canadian warning signs, Maritime, Mobile, Air Transport Command, RCAF. 2.00
M35 U.S Marine & Naval WWII insignia & serials, 4 sizes in white. 3.00
M36 Luftwaffe late war crosses & swastikas plus night fighter codes & badges. SOLD OUT
M37 Luftwaffe Smm stabs. Green fuselage code letters & numerals. 3.00
M38 Luftwaffe 1/72 & 1/48 fighter unit emblems & octane symbols. 5.00
M39 Luftwaffe 12mm black fuselage codes. Also black & red stencil signs. 3.00
M40 Finnish Air force insignia. Roundels and blue swastika emblems. 4.00
M41 Finnish Squadron badges, kill markings 8 code letters 8 numbers. 4.00
M42 Finnish Air Force 11m numerals. 3.00
M43 Italian Air Force pre & post war roundels plus wartime fuselage fasces. 4.00
M44 Japanese hinomaru, various sizes. Stencil data & kill markings. 3.00
M45 Japanese hinomaru, as above but larger. Stencil data. 3.00
M46 Japanese squadron markings for Ki43, Ki61, Ki46 & Ki100. 3.00
M47 Japanese squadron markings for Ki64, Ki61, Ki48 & Ki45. 3.00
M48 Luftwaffe Bf109 8FW180 rudder markings for high scoring aces. 5.00
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