Wednesday, July 30, 2003 - 07:58 AM UTC
Hidden and Dangerous, released by Illusion Softworks in 1999, will soon have a followup, Hidden & Dangerous 2. While not available world-wide this new game looks to have some amazing rendered graphics and unique gameplay.

Hidden and Dangerous, released in 1999, got high marks for its realistic portrayal of World War II. That was then. These days, you've got to do something exceptional to stand out from the quickly bloating bunch of action wargames. Illusion Softworks, that made the game, have now released Hidden & Dangerous 2 (or will be soon).

• 3D tactical action game running the LS3D engine
• Tons of personal settings allow you to optimize game just for your hardware
• More than 9 different environments with impressive graphics
• 23 exciting missions set in WW2 during the struggle of special forces
• Over 30 soldiers, everyone with his own stats and abilities
• Character development due to previously played missions
• A different goal to complete for every mission (espionage, kidnapping, and sabotage)
• World War 2 Story Background
• The player controls most of the vehicles in the level
• Exotic vehicles like mini-submarines or first helicopters in the world
• A number of personal weapons (including Sten MkII or more „exotic“ Ariska Meiji 38)
• Lots of "heavies" to fire on your enemies
• A possibility to solve problems in different ways
• Realistic ballistic and damage model
• Simple interface and controls
• Better tactical map, lots more functions and commands
• Advanced AI, natural behavior and reactions
• Massive multiplayer with large scale of styles and options.
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