Monday, November 21, 2016 - 10:19 AM UTC
AIRBRUSHES.COM have told us that WILDER has added 20 more colors to his range of WILDER WEATHERING OILS.
Wilder Weathering Oils are in 20ml tubes. Weathering Oils are formulated to dry faster than traditional artist oils and also dry to a matte sheen.
    AW-LS-21 Fresh Rust
    AW-LS-22 Orange Rust
    AW-LS-23 Brick Red
    AW-LS-24 Maroon Shadow
    AW-LS-25 Brown Shadow
    AW-LS-26 Dark Brown
    AW-LS-27 Medium Brown
    AW-LS-28 Light Brown
    AW-LS-29 Dark Beige
    AW-LS-30 Emerald Shadow
    AW-LS-31 Oak Leaf
    AW-LS-32 Spring Grass
    AW-LS-33 Olive Green
    AW-LS-34 Olive Drab
    AW-LS-35 Dark Olive
    AW-LS-36 Olive Brown
    AW-LS-37 Blue Patina
    AW-LS-38 Clear Sky
    AW-LS-39 Arctic Sea
    AW-LS-40 Mariana Deep

The tube is designed to retain its shape after being squeezed. Traditional oil tubes stay squished and malformed. The tubes also have tips that are smaller and pointier than artist oils, affording more control to the modeler.

There are some fine reviews of Wilder Weathering Oils here on KitMaker Network.

Please tell, Wilder and retailers that you saw this news here - on KitMaker.Net.
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