Sunday, November 03, 2002 - 04:19 AM UTC
Smarten up those drab walls of your workspace, have charming attractive women drawn to you immediately by your oveerwhelming sense of good taste. These military prints are exectuted by the talented hand of artist William Tait, artist with 25 years of experience behind him.
These superb line and wash prints will gracefully charm home and hearth and desrve a place of honour in any military Buffs den, workroom, display area. This first series comprises six individual prints honouring the 60th anniversery of the desert war, and includes; an Austin K2 ambulence, a Humber utility, a Scammell pioneer, a Diamond T, A Mrmon Harrington Mk II, and a Guy quad. The gentle and soft tones of the pastels will render a smooth and relaxed complent to your environment, couple this with some marshal music, aglass of chilled wine and your aµone step closer to paradise. A total of 1000 signed sets shall be available, at the very reasonable price of £35.00 per set plus P&P (musn't forget the postmans cut afterall!) Set number two covers German vehicles Inluding a Küblewagen, a Famo and other nifty items. I've included images to make you drool! They are truely superb. Get em get em get em.... For further info contact:

ORB Fine Military Art Prints
11 John Boste Court,
Manchester road, Bolton,
BL3 2PJ Tel 011 44 7904 923289

Alternatively orders may be placed via Soveriegn Miniatures on their web site
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