On Sept. 14 AMPS CT and Eastern Front AMPS will be hosting the third annual regional show, competition and vendor free-for-all at the Wayne, NJ PAL center, from 8AM to 4PMish. Fliers have been heavily distributed saying that the model limit is five. Having "done the math", given the historical turnout, and the new judging system, that would keep us there until sometime Monday, really ticking off the bingo ladies that take over the space at six! (The awards ceremony is held in a different part of the facility) Due to the short duration of the show, we have to reduce this to two models for judging, however we invite modellers to bring up to five for display.
The AMPS site has put out an update on AMPS 2002 which is being held on April 19-20 in Harve de Grace, Maryland. The event is being held fairly close by The Aberdeen Proving Grounds (APG) but there have been increased security changes on the base and they will not be allowing civilians on for tours of the facility. Those carrying valid US Government ID's can gain access however.
AMPS (The Armor Modeling and Preservation Society) will be holding it's eighth annual National Convention. It will be held at the same location as last year, the Havre de Grace Community Center, on April 19-20, 2002.