Scale Comparison - 1/48th vs. 1/35th

Finishing a Kubelwagen is not a huge challenge. I didn’t have any fancy ambush camouflage scheme to deal with. Basic techniques were all that was required. I airbrushed each with Tamiya German Gray. I hand brushed the tires with flat black. I found that the seat material was a number of different colors so I painted the Bandi kit with Tamiya Desert Yellow. The size of the parts was not a problem on the seats. Masking the windshield was easy enough because it was a simple square. I did ‘think small’ with the masking strips though and I can see if there is a large area to mask it may be challenging.

Small items such as instruments required no special tools. I paint figures and have a wide array of small brushes already. The 1/48th scale instruments were similar to painting the eyes of 1/35th scale figures.

I will say that in the Braille scale you should practice more detailed airbrushing before trying a complex German camouflage scheme.
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