Scale Comparison - 1/48th vs. 1/35th

One might think that the smaller scale would yield fewer details simply from a space perspective. Smaller parts means less space equates to fewer details. This was very interesting, in some areas that you would expect the larger kit to show detail it didn’t. In areas you would NOT expect the small kit to show details, it Did.

You can see this in the photo of the underside and with the wheels. You would think that the larger kit would provide mufflers, it did not, and the smaller one did. In the underside of the engine area you will notice that the 1/48th scale kit has suspension assemblies where the 1/35th scale kit is a simple straight rod axle. The smaller kit even has extra bolt details. These were left off on its large cousin. So, there is a bit of a reversal of expectations.

As you might expect the smaller wheels took the simple approach and went with the easier hub cap. The larger Tamiya kit added extra detail with the hub cap-less lug nut look. Both size tires lack the true interlacing tread pattern that you would see on a 1:1 scale tire. Both are equally lacking in tread pattern, but hold up to industry standard for time period.

The photos show that the larger kit has no engine and a ‘closed’ engine compartment. The Bandi kit has an engine cover that opens to show a very representative engine. The hinge work on the engine cover was a bit oversized and was more function than form. It allowed the cover to be opened and that’s about it. I think even an average modeler would find themselves replacing the hinge or leaving it shut.

Overall the detail of the larger kit was less impressive than that of the smaller kit.
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