Scale Comparison - 1/48th vs. 1/35th

Size/Scale Accuracy
I wanted to measure and compare the kits side by side and see how they measure up. I found this great website while doing research on this project. It gave me some very good measurements. I measured each completed kit at the same locations, making sure I started and stopped at the same places.

The following table shows the actual life size measurement along side the converted size with the kits actual measurements. All measurements are rounded to the nearest whole number.

Measurement1:1Actual 1/48Kit 1/48Actual 1/35Kit 1/35
Wheel Base2400 mm50 mm49 mm69 mm70 mm
Length3700 mm78 mm75 mm106 mm104 mm
Width1600 mm33 mm33 mm46 mm45 mm
Height (no top)1111 mm23 mm23 mm32 mm31 mm

Overall itís not bad, there are some differences. The differences appear to be consistent between the two kits. The measurements speak for themselves. There arenít any gross size differences.

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