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Ottlite TrueColor™ 18 Watt FlexArm Plus Lamp

by: Michael Wawrow [ BILLYBISHOP ]

My wife purchased the TrueColor™ 13 Watt Task Lamp13 watt bulb for her design and fashion business about 18 months ago. Her only complaint was that the low clearance of 11 inches didn't leave her much room to manoeuvre her hands or fabrics as well as its base got in the way.

So (hehe) I "borrowed” the light for my modelling and miniature painting and found that the smaller size and footprint got in my way too.

We both loved the fact that it gave excellent light (especially as many of us modellers are some times locked away in areas where sunlight is not an option - yes some call it the dungeon, I call it the basement).

In came the OTT-LITE® TrueColor(TM) FlexArm Plus Lamp. Two major differences separate this model and the TrueColor™ 13 Watt Task Lamp. One, the FlexArm gives off more light because of its 18-watt bulb. Two, the larger reach (approximately 26 inches from base to lamp/light) and flexible bending is a more useful “flexible” option. You can then aim the light where needed.

A third less significant option is that you can clamp the lamp to your table or bench or use the accompanying weighted base!

I highly recommend the lamp as it allows me to work all hours and get true colour matching and less eyestrain than traditional lights. The flexibility of the arm and clearance allows for lots of room on your workbench (especially when clamped on to the tables edge)

You can also purchase an add-on TrueColor™ 3x Magnifier Attachment that clamps to the lamp for those Braille scaled failing eye moments some of us (over 40's) have. Of course this doesn’t come cheap at a suggested retail of $109.95

You can find the lamps at many online craft; sewing and fly fishing/sports stores and is usually on sale for much less than suggested retail!

And a bonus to USA residents is that Joanne.com has them for 50 percent off at their online site. I believe there is also a free shipping option as well. Here is the link


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Taken from Ottlites website
Percentage Rating
  Scale: Other
  Mfg. ID: OLFX18TC
  Suggested Retail: $169.95
  Related Link: http://www.ottlite.com/productdetail.asp?product_i
  PUBLISHED: Mar 15, 2005
  NATIONALITY: United States

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