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Once again Osprey Publishing, with its new releases, to use an often repeated phrase, has something for everyone . As there are only seven new releases this month, I have gone back to posting in one section....
As the majority this month are for figure modellers/history buffs, I will begin with these..

Osprey's February Releases - Figures

Crete 1941 - Germany’s lightning airborne assault (Campaign 147)

Author: Peter Antill
Illustrator: Howard Gerrard

US Price: $18.95, UK Price: £12.99


# Introduction
# Chronology
# Opposing Commanders
# Opposing Forces
# Opposing Plans
# The Assault on Crete
# Aftermath
# The Battlefield Today
# Bibliography
# Index

World War II Infantry Anti-Tank Tactics
(Elite 124)

Author: Gordon Rottman
Illustrator: Steve Noon

US Price: $16.95, UK Price: £10.99


# The tank threat
# Early war anti-tank defense doctrine
# Characteristics & capabilities of AT weapons: AT rifles, AT rocket launchers, AT hand and rifle grenades, AT hand mines, improvised weapons (e.g. 'Molotov cocktails')
# Infantry AT tactics
# Late-war tank improvements
# New AT weapons and 'tank-hunter' tactics
# Specifics of national weapons and tactics: USA, Britain, Germany, USSR, Japan
# Tables of weapons and capabilities

World War II Infantry Tactics - Company and Battalion (Elite 122)

Author: Stephen Bull
Illustrator: Peter Dennis

US Price: $16.95, UK Price: £10.99


# The battalion and its support weapons – what jobs were they supposed to do?
# Differences in organisation – US, British, German
# Changes between 1939 and 1945 – new weapons, new scales of issue, new tactics
# Infantry co-operation with other arms – artillery and tank support – aircraft
# Command and control

Forts of the American Frontier 1820–91
Central and Northern Plains (Fortress 28)

Author: Ron Field,
Illustrator: Adam Hook

US Price: $16.95, UK Price: £10.99


# Introduction
# Chronology
# Development of the forts on the Central and Northern Plains
# The types of military forts
# The principle of elements of defense
# Life in a frontier fort
# The forts at war
# The fate of the Plains forts
# The forts today
# Bibliography
# Index

German Armies 1870–71 (2) Prussia’s Allies (Men-at-Arms 422)

Author: Michael Solka
Illustrator: Darko Pavlovic

US Price: $14.95, UK Price: £8.99


# Introduction
# The contingents
# Baden
# Bavaria
# Brunswick
# Hesse-Darmstadt
# Mecklenburg
# Saxony
# Wurttemberg

Osprey's February Releases - Aviation

Jagdgeschwader Nr II Geschwader ‘Berthold’ (Aviation Elite Units 19)

Author: Greg VanWyngarden
Illustrator: Harry Dempsey

US Price: $21.95, UK Price: £13.99


# Born in Battle (the early career of JG II’s Jastas and the Geschwader’s formation - February 1918)
# Operation Michael (the unit’s story during the great German offensive of March 1918)
# Equipment Troubles (operations during April-May through the Rheims Offensive of July 1918)
# Spectacular September (operations against primarily American forces during the St Mihiel Offensive, flying the Fokker D VII)
# Bitter End (retreat and demobilization, and the war’s aftermath)
# Jagdstaffel and Geschwader Commanders of JG II
# Awards made to JG II Pilots 1918
# Listing of Aces

Osprey's February Releases - Armor

M109 155mm Self-Propelled Howitzer 1960–2005 (New Vanguard 86)

Author: Steven J Zaloga
Illustrator: Tony Bryan

US Price: $14.95, UK Price: £8.99


# Introduction
# Cold War Origins
# First combat: Vietnam
# Long range firepower
# Enhancing lethality
# Mid-east combat
# Precision guided munitions
# The modernization dilemma
# Feeding the guns
# Operation Desert Storm
# Operation Iraqi Freedom
# Internation Programs
# Bibliography
# Color plate commentary
# Index

Osprey's February Releases - Warships

Wolf Pack - The Story of the U-Boat in World War II (General Military)

Author: Gordon Williamson

US Price: $29.95, UK Price: £20.00

# Introduction
# The Development of the Kriegsmarine's U-Boats
# U-Boat Bases and Bunkers
# U-Boat Crews
# U-Boat tactics and operations
# Glossary
# Bibliography and Recommended Reading
# Appendices
# Index

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