Sunday, December 30, 2001 - 05:55 AM UTC
I am working on several new additions to the site and wanted to let everyone know about some of what's been going on here since the site went up in mid-December.
First Off
Thanks to everyone who has contributed or interacted on the site! I have gotten almost nothing but positive praise and helpful suggestions since starting this site. It's been nice. Of course if anyone does have anything critical to say about the site, please do. I need to know if there are problems or areas where we can improve. Of course right now we can improve on all fronts. "More, more, more" is my motto going forward.

Private Messaging System
Some of you may have noticed (and tried) the Private Message system which appears in different areas of the site. It wasn't working before December 28th, and is now. So if you want to send a message to any member (even those who don't publish their own email address). If you recieve a Private Message it will appear below your name in the Front Gate section (you must be logged-in).

F14 Tomcat by David W. Aungst
I know many of the sites users are Tankers (as am I), but David's Tomcat series features pictures of a true modeling masterpiece. Check it out when you have time. Also his article on custom decals is great too.

Links, Links, Links!
We have about 87 links in the database so far. I would like to see this number at about 500. Don't forget you can add your own comments and reviews for sites you may like (or dis-like). Also, remember you can also add comments to stories like this. Speak up and share your thoughts.

Coming Soon!: 60 Years of the Sherman
I am working on this retrospective of the Sherman M4 tank. If you want to send me anything you have done with the Shermie, please do.

Coming Soon!: Modelers Toolkit
Rob Gronovius, and I are going to come up with a list of great tools for model builders. Complete with images and tips on their use. Stay tuned.

Well that's all for the moment. Hope everyone had a great year's end and will have an even better year ahead.

Jim Starkweather
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