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Ant Phillip Started an interesting post based on future RE-RELEASES from that most 'venerable' of manufacturers - the forums. Following his lead I found the release list on the Hannants website...

This is a news story which concerns ALL modellers, covering as it does, Military, Aviation, Car builders and Warship builders...
I will break this story into its respective sections although perhaps a word or two of explanation is necessary for the younger or newer modellers amongst us...

Airfix were, in simplistic terms, the company who started the real popularity of plastic modelling. Starting in the 1960s, they began marketing and producing a range of Vehicle, Ship and Aircraft kits in a variety of scales. What made them different, was their slogan Constant Scale. In other words, Aircraft were 1/72nd scale, Military vehicles 1/76th and Modern Warships, 1/600th scale. The success of the company came from their low prices - genuinely 'pocket money' prices..

Now it seems as if they have resurrected some of their moulds and include some (long-asked for) re-releases...

1) Aircraft Kits -1:72nd scale

De Havilland Tiger Moth

Avro 504K .

Supermarine Spitfire Vc. New '

HS 125 Dominie

SAAB Tunnan.

NA T-6G Texan.

Gloster Meteor III & V1 Doodlebug

Lockheed U-2B/C/D

Lockheed F-117 Stealth.

Fairchild A-10 Thunderbolt II

Handley Page Halifax B.III


Avro Lancaster 'G for George'

Aerospatiale Concorde

Battle of Britain Memorial Set

2) Aircraft Kits -1:48th Scale

Hawker Hurricane Mk.1

Supermarine Spitfire Mk.IXc/e

Bae Hawk Mk.120. South African

HS Buccaneer S2B/C/D.

3) Aircraft Kits -1:24th Scale

NA P-51K Mustang

Hawker Hurricane Mk.1

4) Ship Kits - Scale Indicated

HMS Manxman & HMS Suffolk (1/600)

RNLI Severn Class Lifeboat (1/72)

RNLI Lifeboat & Westland Seaking (1/72)

HMS Victory 200th Anniversary (1/100)

Kriegsmarine Set (1/400)

5) Military Vehicle Kits - 1/72nd (1/76th?)

Matador and 5.5 Gun

Churchill 'Crocodile'

Sherman 'Crab' tank

1945 - The road to Berlin (Gift set)

6) Civilian Vehicle Kits - 1/32nd

Dennis Fire Engine

'Old Bill' Bus

And, needless to say, the best for last...

7) Military Figures 'Multi-Pose' 1/32nd Scale

8th Army 'Multipose'

Afrika Corps 'Multipose'

German Infantry 'Multipose'

US Marines 'Multipose'

Japanese Infantry 'Multipose'

British Infantry 'Multipose'

US Infantry 'Multipose'

WWII Desert Rats Set. Crusader tank plus 8th Army & Afrika Korps Multipose figures

Notes: The Multi-Pose figure sets were sold in two different packages - 6 figure and 12 figure packs. These, according to the price, seem to be 'six-packs'...

Please note that many of these kits are fairly old mouldings and may not stand up to the standards established by many modern kits. However, a few are new kits - the TSR2 for example. Some are also not done by anyone else.... The 'multipose' figures are superb even by modern standards although the scale could be a problem...

Hannants website can be seen HERE

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