Wednesday, May 15, 2002 - 05:00 AM UTC
Now it was for the second time that this big German exhibition and contest took place at Nürnberg/Germany. It seems that the troubles that led to the relocation from Erding to Nürnberg have not yet been overcome. Some well-known German modelers did not show up. But despite this the quality of the exhibits (especially on Sunday) was very high. Due to the fact that this was a two days event, at Saturday there were not so many models yet in the competition, but already all of the traders were present. This was an “offend” to all of the visitors, who tried to avoid getting poorer and poorer after buying kits after kits…. So “thank God it’s Sunday” was the motto for all those, who were eager to be able to see more high quality competition models (, which showed up finally,) instead of spending the day with shopping again!

Photos can be seen at:
The tendency of attracting more and more modelers from the eastern European countries was again evident: many Czech, Polish, Hungarian and Slovak fellows took part and won prizes also.

To the authors joy the Austrian modellers also had a great day that Sunday:
  • D. Wolf won as well the military vehicle diorama category as the visitors-judged prize "best model".

  • T. Mayr was victorious with his airplane diorama and earned a second place with a civil-figure diorama.

  • R. Trunetz also got a second prize with a motorbike.

For the first time a flat figure work was elected “Best of Show”, mainly due to the paintwork- of course!
The event was framed by RC-Models (i.e.: tanks for instance Tiger I, Leopard 2 and ships), 1:1 scale “models” in form of people, dressed in self made fantasy-costumes, like “Robocop” and a body paint performance. Next year that location will again host this great event.

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