Wednesday, May 08, 2002 - 09:28 AM UTC
This was one mighty fine place to be. If you were anywhere else in the universe, you made a mistake! Besides the consumption of exceedingly good French cuisine, served by glamorous, long legged French demoiselles, and copious amounts of the national beverage, you also missed out on the rantings and ravings of mad Jack and company discoursing on everything from the creation of the univers to........modellisme. The competition was top notch as you will see. The company was the 3 star variety, and a grand time was had by all. I HONESTLY consider this one of the finest, and certainly the most fun shows in town! Gallery pictures.
We got there late. So, what is new you ask? Jack never wanted to ruin his "rep" as the last in/last out. I'm in good stead according to the bible! Lunch was on, and I had a slight buzz, (can I say that?) when I finished turning my pieces into the competition. The tables were overflowing with excellent work. One nice twist was the diversity of the work on display as well as the originality of many of the pieces on show. No "gong hunting" here. Or at least not a lot! There was a 3 hour "paint off", known as the "Delorme Challenge", among some of the most well known painters. I was asked to participate in the paint off and the judging. (hum hum excuse me if you please, only kidding) but as they used our new patriot bust as the subject, I felt it wouldn't be quite right and declined the generous offer. Jean Pierre Duthieul, a well known French painter, took the event contending with some excellent competition of the likes of Philippe Gengembre, Catherine Cesario-Thouvanel, Jaques VanDoren, Michel Formentel, and others well known far and wide. Dinner was.....well it was..... Yikes darned good, interesting, fun, great. The organnizers, the Delorme Brothers are some of the greatest characters alive. If they gave out gold medals for generosity, and assorted excellence, these guys would top the list. For now they'll have to settle for the CaptainJack "Good Buddy Award"! !Anyways I've probably bent your eyeball long enough so on with the show this is it!........ Enjoy the tour. Many thanks to the organizers fir their time, generosity, and assistance with helping me to share the event with you.
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