Saturday, April 27, 2002 - 05:55 AM UTC
Replacement resin tyre set for the Ural 4320/BM21 kits. These are resin cast slip ons I'll post photos this week. But they are yummy!! I've already put into production the next three sets. Due out in May will be DCWP 012 Gaz 66 replacement resin tyre set, and DCWP 013 BTR 152 Replacement tyre set.
I made these for myself but to be perfectly honest, I thought I'd share the idea and have commercialized them at what I hope is a fair price. Any Armorama members will receive a 10% discount off the retail, because Jack is feelin generous! The price of the set.

Reference DCWP 011 is 9.90 Euros public. That is about $9.50 USD. There are 6 tyres (3 left/3 Right & 1 spare). We have another very cool item in the works but for the moment I am sworn to secrecy. Let's just say it's for a large kit...There are only really three think sequentially!

I have also recently produced the following printed items:

DCP 030 Afhganistan Maps in Afghani!
DCP 032 RamallahGaza strip Propoganda posters N1
DCP 033 Ramallah/Gaza Prop. Posters N2
DCP 040 WW2 Italian Propoganda posters
DCP 045 Spanish Civil War Prop. Posters
DCP 055 Vietcon Propognda posters
DCP 057 Northern Ireland posters
DCP 059 Palestinnian Prop. Posters
DCP 060 Russian Army Maps Afghanistan.

All are printed on glazed highquality paper, and each sheet ranges from 10 - 14 images per page.

Price for Joe public is 5 Euros Once again Jack the generous offers 10% to his armorama buddies.

Postage. When you pay with plastic it is exact. No more no less. Via cheque or IMO, I'll have to calculate according to weight but count anywhere from 10 - 20 % .

Finally all the previuos printed items, marps of Vietnam, israel etc are all still avbailable

Captain Jack

PS: Next moths goodies include:

Gaz 66 replacement tyre set and BTR 152 Replacement tyre set.

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