Tuesday, April 02, 2002 - 03:12 AM UTC
Just received news about what appears to be a SUPER fantastic, cool, (well you get the idea!) trans kit for the Italeri M984 series. I think this one is destined to be a winner, and I'll update you when I receive the kit which is in the post. Just couldn't wait to share the good news. The set is done by a Flemish modelling club here in Belgium. Mastered by Dirk at pro-art models. A work of art it is. Cast in yummy white resin, this looks good enough to eat! I'm going to rake in a few for my shop as well. These are the kind of kits that make the modelling world buzz and humm. Looking eagerly forward to their next release.

A four piece conversion, and do I mean complete!!!

The kit is broken down as follows:
Ref Pau 35001 is the pump unit retails at 15.66 Euros.
Ref Pau 35002 is the exterior bits retail 26.82 Euros.
Ref Pau 35003 is the cabin. Retail 18.09 Euros
And finally Ref Pau 35004 are the wheels retialing at 17.24 Euros.

Total cost for the entire rebuild comes to Euros 45.95 or about 42 US$$$$$Buckolas. It seems reasonable for the amount of detail, and I don't know about US cost of living standards, but that isn't excessive here for such a well detailed kit.

To order you have 2 options: Either via my own fine self, or directly through the MFG; If you order through me I can take cheques drawn on a U.S. Acct Visa MC etc.

Cost of shipping is 8 Euros

The alternative is to order direct from the MFG at:

Pro Art Models
Dirk Vangeels
Gooreindse Luenen 35
B- 2440 Geel
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