Thursday, June 10, 2004 - 05:53 AM UTC
In Verlinden's release schedule for July there are as usual a mixture of periods. Within their diorama list there are three new releases....
Two different scales are represented in these new releases: 54mm and curiously enough 1/72nd scale...

The first of these:

2064 - Union 12 Pounder gun emplacement (54mm) The kit consists of a section of emplacement sufficient for the positioning of a 12lb gun and crew. Although it is labelled as 'Union' it would be equally suitable for a Confederate gun of a similar caliber.

The next two releases are for the increasingly popular scale of 1/72nd. Two sets are released, the first:

2065, European City Section consists of the frontage of a European building. The photograph shows what can be acheived by combining 2065, 2066 and 2054 (Bridge section) to create a small diorama...

The second is:

2066: Cobblestone street/road section This kit consists of one section of road and six sections of sidewalk.

As usual, these products will be available from your usual supplier who will also provide the prices...
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