Saturday, March 30, 2002 - 03:14 AM UTC
It apprears that the guy's over at Warriors have cottoned on to a good thing. In the last few months they have popped several new and exciting sets from the figure oven. These are all based upon the recent events in Afghanistan. The one's that I ran straight out and scooped up were: References 35421/35423/35424/35425/ and 35426. These were all great with a few minor reservations./ I only got one seated guy, and most of the Northern Allaince guy's appear to spend more time on their hind quarters than standing.
This being said they are all great figures with nice feature traits. One unfortunate aside: Duh!!!! Several of the body's are copy overs. Thus sets the body's in 35421/35426 are too similar to be real and will require a little tweaking to differentiate them. Also the body's to the tankers in kit 35425 have partial upper torsos. C'mon guy's does it really cost so much to add a pair of legs? I HATE LEGLESS TANKERS!!!!! There is also a separate head set which is nearly useless, as they come from the previous kits, and then again what figures would you use them on. Still all in all it's a positive initiative. Let's have some guy's crouched on their duffs!!

James (captainjack)
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