Sunday, May 23, 2004 - 02:46 AM UTC
Long in production and now complete, the massive 1/72 scale full dry dock from Diorama Solutions is ready for shipping. This kit is designed to house the new Revell 1/72 U-boat (not included in kit).
This is a complete resin kit including 316 parts, copper wire, plastic rod and one meter of 1/72 scale rope. The dry dock itself measures 1200mm long and all windows are provided as clear resin castings.

The original production run consisted of 150 kits at a cost of $355 each (in Australian dollars and including postage). Due to overwhelming response for the kit, Diorama Solutions has re-negotiated their casting contract and has increased production to 400 kits. With the increase in production, the cost to the modeler has decreased to $199 (Australian dollars and excluding postage). Total cost is as follows:

  • USA-$255 including postage

  • Europe-$265 including postage

  • For more information on the dry dock as well as many other products, please visit Diorama Solutions.

    Graham Lawler
    Extra Detail / Diorama Solutions
    Extra Detail
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    • wall
      dry dock wall detail
    • telephone-pole
      telephone pole
    • surport-pole
      support pole and dry dock bottom
    • store-sheds
      storage sheds
    • red-house
      view of rooftops, street and railroad
    • oil-drums
      oil drum and crate details
    • door-pic
      dry dock door
    • front1
      view from front of dry dock
    • main-pic
      full view
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