Thursday, April 29, 2004 - 04:33 AM UTC
MIG continue adding to their catalogue with these new items, which as we have come to expect are always that little bit different...
Four more items are added to the MIG lists this month. What I like about this company is that they do tend to do something different with all of their new releases. Boring they certainly aren't!

Starting with 1/35th scale, 2 new items are now available:

The first, MP 35-104, consists of everything necessary to create a modern military control point. A set with superb possibilities for any modern location, Iraq, Bosnia etc. The set includes those hard to model plastic barrels which are filled with water or concrete. Price 22

The next release MP 35-130 is a set of NOTEK lights for German vehicles. The set consists of 8 pieces plus a bonus in the form of two tail-lights. Price is 5.90

In 1/48th scale (E 48-60), a new release for aircraft modellers in the shape of a new cockpit tub for the Tamiya P47 Razorback. A small brass fret is also included. Price is 18.

Finally, continuing the release of crew/infantry figures in 1/72nd scale (MP 72-073) Is a German Eastern Front Assault team. Consisting of three resin figures, the figures are helpfully produced in 'multipose' format with seperate arms allowing the modeller to mix 'n match to get the required pose. Price of this set is 6

Also listed in the new releases are three new pigment colors:

PO35 - Panzer Grey (faded)
PO36 - Allied Green (faded)
PO37 - Gulf War Sand
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