Friday, March 26, 2004 - 07:27 AM UTC
Osprey Publishing has to be easily the most prodigious publisher in the Military History field. Once again no less than twelve titles are to hit the bookstores...
This is the second part of Osprey's new releases for March 2004. As I said in the previous installment, there is a little something for everyone within these titles...

The first is truly on escoteric lines. New Vanguard # 96, is titled "THE SPANISH GALLEON, 1530-1690" and is priced at 14.95 (USD), 8.99 (Sterling).

The "Warrior" series reaches number 87, with an interesting, if little known subject. "ITALIAN ARDITI" Elite Assault Troops 1917-20". Another book with a mass of inspiration for the figure modeller looking for a different subject.... Price is 16.95 (USD), 10.99 (Sterling)

Another new title in the "Warrior" series (#86), covers the Boer War. "Boer Commando 1876-1902", covers in detail this force of irregular 'partisans' in an attractive subject area for both modellers and historians. Price 16.95 (USD) 10.99 (Sterling)

The "NEW VANGUARD" series arrives at number 94 with surprisingly NOT an armor subject, but rather the too-ignored subject of artillery. This time the title is "BRITISH FIELD ARTILLERY 1914-19". As this deals with light artillery and not the behemoths which were used for massive bombardments. Again an attractive subject for modellers looking for a different subject. Price is 14.95 (USD), 8.99 (Sterling)

Finally in this month's releases, Osprey continues with its more academic series (ESSENTIAL HISTORIES) with volume 3. Titled "THE SECOND WORLD WAR-A World In Flames", this book is written by Sir Max Hastings, an author who has published numerous volumes dealing with the second World War and perhaps more importantly, is an author who is stringent with detail but can also write in a fluid and interesting manner. Price 29.95 (USD), 20.00 (Sterling).

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