Sunday, November 30, 2003 - 08:42 AM UTC
Every month, I receive Osprey's newsletter. Every month it seems there are more and more titles which I need, want or simply would like to learn more about...
Of all the publishers. Osprey remains the most prolific. This month some new titles caught my eye...

For aviation modellers, three titles are launched:

Aircraft Of the Aces #56 Concerns LaGG and Lavochkin.

Aircraft Of the Aces # 57 Concentrates on the Hurricane.

Osprey Modelling # 3 Is on the ubiquitious Phantom.
About this I am prejudiced.. Yes there are lots of 'Rhino' books out there, but never enough and particularly when the subject is modelling the F-4.


For figure/armor modellers, a mixed bag this month. In their flagship Men-at-Arms series, there are two new titles:

Men-at Arms # 401 is The Waffen SS (1) concentrating on Divisions 1-5


# 397 Is the 2nd part of Austro-Hungarian Forces of WW1.

New Vanguard # 89 is Greek and Roman artillery 399 b.c. until A.D. 363.

The Warrior Series has five new titles:

#75 Comanche 1800-74


#80 Irish Volunteer Soldier 1913-23

#81 Hungarian Hussar 1756-1815

#83 British Infantryman in South Africa 1877-81

#84 Mongol Warrior 1200-1350

Finally in The Campaign Series.

Campaign 130, Covers the Kawanakajima Campaign of 1553-1564.

Future releases will be covering (amongst others) McLellan's (peculiar) Penininsula campaign of 1862

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