Tuesday, February 26, 2002 - 01:02 PM UTC
Some of you may have read about the plan to have available some Armorama Apparel items for the coming Nationals (AMPS and IPMS). I have found a company that does embroidery work and will sell shirts via an online store they will actually set up for us. The logo will be available to put on a variety of shirts, hats, jackets, or what not.

The above is a close approximation of the cotton golf shirts that the vendor, Corporate Casuals, has available. The name is optional. I think they said it is an additional $3.

Now before some of you say. That Jim. Kinda thinks a lot of himself and the site... Well I know how some of you might see this as a little too much. I look on it this way. If you want to meet up with some of your fellow Armorama members, what better way than to be wearing the site logo? Plus I don't know about you but I can always use more colared shirts.

So that said. I am once again taking modest donations to help defray some of the cost of setting up the logo (one time fee). As I stated in the board the full cost is somewhere above $100 and we have already raised $56 so far from the IRC chat module refund and money drive. So if just a few of you are feeling generous and want to help me out (and keep my wife from beating me senseless) then great. I will cover the rest if nescessary but the closer to a $100 we get the less I get beat. :)

UPDATE: We have reached our goal thanks to RufusLeeking and GunTruck. Both donated $25 and put me over the top for the fee. I will of course accept any further donations if anyone feels they want to be a part. I got a lot of messages last time and people sounded disappointed they missed giving away money. So... If more comes in then perhaps the Super Contributors will get free shirts! You know who you are. ::grin::

There is a PayPal link here for those wishing to contribute. Thanks.

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