Wednesday, November 29, 2017 - 07:26 AM UTC
TRU-COLOR military colors are now being released.
    Tru-Color Paint is pleased to announce that we have started to ship a complete line of Military Paint colors for the modeler. Released are colors for:
      U.S. Navy World War II ships destroyers, carriers, battleships, cruisers and escort vessels

      U.S. Army armored vehicles in Europe for WWII

      U.S. Army Air Corps for WWII and U.S. Air Force jets in many paint schemes.

    All of the colors are matched to color chips and/or Federal Standard 595C color designations or approved by experts in their field. Tru-Color Paint will have the most extensive and most accurate paint colors on the market for the full array of colors offered for the arena to be modeled. For example over the next 12-14 months there will be nearly every color used on U.S. Naval vessels for Prewar and for WWII in the European and Pacific Theater of Operations. That amounts to over 50 colors used from 1929 to 1946 for every camouflage scheme plus all modern U.S. Naval colors.

    For the modern United States Air Force modeler we offer something unique actual model paint to simulate the actual radar absorbing/dispersing effect of the real paint used on modern aircraft. This would apply to F-22 and F-35 paints in particular.

Modelers can see which paints are currently available by reading the charts on Tru-Color's site:
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