Wednesday, February 06, 2002 - 10:13 AM UTC
Kencelot has put together another list of upcoming or recent releases. If you have any news of these (or other) kits please post the info below. Thanks Ken!
1/35th Vehicles
1323 M-151A1 Utility Truck (Includes engine details) (February)
1384 Tank Accessory Set 3 (Mid-late 2002)
1395 M36 Jackson (Includes interior details) (Mid-late 2002)
1396 M-728 CEV Vietnam (Mid-late 2002)
1397 M-10A1 Duck Bill Turret Late Version (Mid-late 2002)
1398 US M3A1 Stuart with Interior (July)

1399 British M3 Stuart "Honey" (Includes interior details) (April)
3003 M151A1 with 105MM gun (March)
3004 M151A1 IDF Shimira (Includes engine details) (March)

AFV Club 1/35th
35031 M40A3 155mm SPG (June)
35040 SdKfz 11 3 Ton Half Track

35041 M41 Walker Bulldog (2002)

35043 Wheels for SdKfz 251
35045 Wheels and Suspension for M41
35048 FH18 105mm Cannon
AFV Club are to re-release some of their earlier kits with the addition of resin crew figures.

35002SP M730A1 Chaparral (includes 1 resin figure)
35003SP M548A1(includes 1 resin figure)
35004SP M35A2 (includes 1 resin figure)
35007SP M49A2C Fuel Tanker (includes 1 resin figure)
35008SP M88A1 Recovery Vehicle Desert Storm (includes 1 resin figure)
35013SP CVR(T) FV107 Scimitar (includes 1 resin figure)
35S02SP CVR(T) FV101 Scorpion (includes 1 resin figure)

New Releases (1/35th unless otherwise stated)
HF026 1/16 Aluminum Barrel for Tiger I
HF027 M35 GunTruck II Update/Armour
HF028 M35A1 Gun Truck (3) fire support vehicle
HF029 US Military Mortar position Vietnam
HF030 NATO / Ground Self-Defense Force FH70 155mm Howitzer
HF031 Taiwan army CM12 Patton
HF032 Equipment & Hood for SdKfz 11
HF033 V150 Commando 4x4 Armored Car with Interior
HF034 M667 Guided Missile Equipment Carrier
HF035 M59 2.5Ton Dump Truck Conversion

HF530 M35A1 Gun Truck Crew
HF531 US M29 81mm Mortar & Artilleryman (2) Vietnam
HF532 Gun Truck Crew (1)
HF533 Gun Truck Crew (2)
HF534 SdKfz 11 Crew (1)
HF535 SdKfz 11 Crew (2)

35 424 Pz.V Panther Ausf.A (Tamiya 35065)
35 425 Pz.V Panther Ausf.A Zimmerit (Tamiya 35065)
35 429 Sd.Kfz. 166 Brumbar Schurzen (Tamiya 35077)
35 435 M-163A1 / A2 (Academy)
35 443 Pz.V Panther Ausf.A Schurzen (Tamiya 35065)

1/35 Armour
6386 Opel Blitz-Wooden Cab
6387 Hummer Avenger
6389 Marines M4 Sherman
6390 US M1A2 Abrams MBT
6391 US IDF M-60A1 /Blazer Pattern
6392 DUKW Amphibious Vehicle
6394 Panther Ausf.G
6395 Sd.Kfz. 10/4 W/Flak 30
6396 Lvt(A)5 Amtrac Landing Craft
6397 M-60 A3 Patton
6398 German Rest Camp
6399 German Shock Troops

1/35 Armour

MK-212 T-84 Ukraine Main Battle Tank

MK-221 T-55A Soviet Main Battle Tank

MK-222 T-55M Soviet Main Battle Tank

MK-223 BMD Landing Combat Vehicle

MK-224 2S6M "Tunguska" Anti-aircraft gun-missile system

1/35 Scale
05101 Mil Mi-4 Hound Helicopter
05102 Mil Mi-8/17 Hip Helicopter
05103 Mil Mi-24W Hind E Helicopter

00201 Chinese 50-Ton Tank Transport
00202 Chinese DF-21 Ballistic MissileLauncher
00203 German Faun Elefant Panzer Transport
00204 Soviet SA-2 Guideline Missile with Loading Cabin (based on Russ.SAM II)
00206 Soviet SA-2 Guideline Missile with Launcher

00302 Chinese Type 96 MBT
00305 Chinese 152mm Type 83 Self-Propelled Howitzer
00306 Chinese 120mm Type 89 Anti-Tank Gun
00307 Chinese 122mm Type 89 Multi-Rocket System
00308 British Challenger II
00309 Sweden Strv 103 B Main Battle Tank
00310 Sweden Strv 103 C Main Battle Tank
00313 Russian T-55 with BTU-55
00316 Russian Heavy Tank IS-IIIM
00324 British AS-90 155mm Self-Propelled Howitzer
00325 JGSDF Type 89 IFV

01001 Zil-157 Soviet Army Truck
01002 JieFang CA-30 Chinese Army Truck
02301 Chinese BJ212A with 105mm Type 75 Recoilless Rifle
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