Saturday, June 14, 2003 - 12:19 AM UTC
The latest kit from Monroe Perdu is a unique vignette depicting the booksellers stalls along the Seine river in Paris. The book vendors have been in place along the quays for centuries, so this kit will be the perfect backdrop for figures of practically all eras and armies. It builds into a versatile setting for military and civilian figures as either occupier or tourist.
The kit consists of cast resin base, walls and curbs and laser cut card merchant boxes. Styrene angle iron and printed images for the boxes complete the kit. Historical notes, assembly instructions and hints for painting and detailing are included.

Finally, six full color photographs are included to illustrate variations in box construction, color schemes, individual details and colors for finishing and weathering the wall and sidewalk. The builder has a choice of a sidewallk and curb or a broader base with a median for planting trees or placing a bench. Multiple kits can be put side by side for a longer stretch of sidewalk. The kit is scaled to accomodate 54mm figures.

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Monroe Perdu Studios
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