Tuesday, April 29, 2003 - 02:04 PM UTC
ScaleMilitary.com announces three new diorama kits in 1/35 format. ScaleMilitary has been in business since 1998, and is best known for selling diorama component peices and modular "mix-n-match" diorama accessories for the 1:35 crowd. The company has recently announced three new complete kits, and several more are on the way.

A nice feature related to all Scalemilitary.com pieces is that they are cast in DENTAL STONE PLASTER... they paint and file just like normal plaster kits, but because they have three times the density of normal plaster, they offer more fine detail and greater strength, meaning fewer broken pieces arrive in the mail.
SMALL EUROPEAN BRIDGE Item #3536 — this is a new kit comprised of two small arch bases as might be used to span a ditch or small stream, two ornate concrete balisters, and a section of cobblestone roadway. ($24.50 U.S)

LARGE RIVER BRIDGEItem 3538 —Large arched bridgeway, with buttress and stone foundation. Shows some battle damage. Makes an excellent display for an armor or figure scene. $19.95

Three-Story Warehouse Ruin Item 3540 — large two-peice section of walls with styrene windows - one large arched industrial window and one shop window. Excellent brick and mortar detail on front and all exposed edges. $27.50

Two new planned pieces are "damaged roadway" and "middle-eastern headquarters ruin"... perfect for creating your upcoming "Iraqi Feedom" dioramas or an Afrika Korp scene. Expected delivery for these two pieces is May 2003
To view or order items, visit www.scalemilitary.com
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