Friday, January 25, 2002 - 05:29 AM UTC
Italeri has announced three new releases, all tanks. The first is the "Marines M4 Sherman", a PTO M4 with snorkel setup. The second is an "M1 A2 Abrams". And the third is an "M-60 Blazer" of Israeli origin. As far as I could find these kits/molds have not been previously released by Italeri. If anyone has any further info on these kits please comment below (read full story).
From the Italeri Web site

Marines M4 Sherman (kit# 6389)During the final phase of World War II, in the Pacific theater the American Forces began to invade territory which was still occupied by Japanese troops. These territories allowed the use of tanks, which was not possible on the small Pacific islands. The M4 standard tank was therefore widely used and many modifications were made: snorkel air intake which was used during landing operations, additional protection through wood planks to reduce damage done by Japanese anti-tank mines.

M60 Blazer (kit# 6391)Towards the end of the seventies the Israeli Army began to use a large number of M-60 tanks, which were supplied by the United States. These vehicles were extensively modified to protect the crews after gaining experience during the various Middle East wars. The Blazer is almost totally covered with protective armor against missiles and anti-tank rockets which reduces the impact of these arms. It is also equipped with internal fire protection gear and additional machine-guns.

M1A2 Abrams (kit# 6390)
The Abrams is doubtless one of today's most modern and advanced battle tanks of the United States Armed Forces. The tank is protected by heavy armor-plates, the munition chamber and inflammable liquids are insulated thus making the tank more secure for its crew. The M 1 is equipped with sophisticated vision and firing systems which enable the tank to fire its 120mm cannon under all conditions with high accuracy.
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