Sunday, January 20, 2002 - 04:36 AM UTC
We have added a new option here on the site. We will be sending out occasional (weekly or bi-weekly) emails outlining some of the recent additions to the site. It will come in the form of an eNewsLetter. The important news is that if you want to receive this eNewsLetter you will need to submit your email address (link is on the left side of the site). Registration to the site does not automatically sign you up for the eNewsLetter.
Since this is a new section we are interested in your feedback about the content and quality of the eNewsLetter.

Some other things we are planning to add to the site soon.

• Revised Feature Section with more sections and featured articles for each area.

• 60 Years of the Sherman - I am slowly getting this together. There is a ton of info on this work-horse of WWII, so it's been hard to pick and choose what to write about it.

• Armorama Tank Files - A continuing series of reference and background on all types of tanks. Will be where the 60 Years of Sherman resides.

• What's On TV - Ken Fortier (Kencelot) and I are working on a way to have a page for TV worth watching (at least for people like us).

• Your good idea can go here. :)

So hopefully I will have time to get all this done. If anyone is interested in assisting on these or a project of your own just give me a word via e-mail or PM (private message).

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