Thursday, October 13, 2005 - 03:39 AM UTC
Mig Productions continue to bring us a series of interesting releases. This month, three new releases - two for the armor modeller and one for the diorama builder. The latter is going to have a multitide of applications for armor and warship dios in 1/35th scale....
Mig Productions - latest 1/35th scale releases...

The two new armor releases are both in their composition, fairly similar to on another, however, both provide converson kits for two variants of the T34 which haven't been covered by the 'Plastic' manufacturers (yet!):

MP 35-256 - Stalingrad STZ T-34/76 Cast Turret (34)

MP 35-257 - Stalingrad STZ T-34/76 Welded Turret (34)

Both of these new releases are considerably more than just turrets for (early) T-34s. The conversion sets include a new front hull plate with accurate weld seams and a full set of stamped steel-wheels.

The third and final item this month is:

MP 35-114: European Harbour/Railway Cargo Crane (28)

One of these truly inspired releases which could be equally at home on a quayside, in a railway siding or in a factory yard - the uses are endless!

Mig Productions' website can be seen: HERE..

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