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H.C.: Guns of WWII
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Posted: Saturday, October 19, 2002 - 09:33 PM UTC
All Times EST. On the History Channel

@ 2000 hrs & 0000: The Guns of WWII
U.S. Guns of World War II

An examination of the weapons that battled through surf and snow, dense jungle and choking dust...the guns of the American GI. Though WWII introduced instruments that pierced the dark and weapons that released the power of the atom, the infantryman's guns were designed decades before; but in dependability they were unequaled. TV G

@ 2100 hrs. & 0100 The Guns of WWII
Japanese Guns of WWII

As Japan bombed its way into the Pacific during WWII, Imperial soldiers carried pride, a sense of invincibility, and an arsenal of clumsy and outdated weapons. Convinced that the tactics and tools that led to victory over colonial enemies would be just as effective against the Allies, Japan would see its weaponry lead to defeat. TV G

@ 2200 hrs. & 0200 The Guns of WWII
Guns of the Russian Military

Forged in Europe's shadow, Russian small arms were once dismissed as crude copies. Often lacking the finish of Western counterparts, Russian guns have been battle-proven worldwide, with their emphasis on robustness and simplicity of design. Review the long history of Russian small arms--from Peter the Great to the Cold War. TV G

@ 2300 hrs. & 0300 The Guns of WWII
German Small Arms of WWII

An evaluation of the evolution of German "small arms" from the end of WWI, when the defeated nation was denied the right to rearm by the Treaty of Versailles, to the end of WWII, after Hitler had again supplied the country with the means to wage war. See how Lugers, P-38s, and Mausers wrote an agonizing chapter in the history of the gun. TV G