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Like many, I developed an interest in building models when I was around 8 years young. I remember my mother keeping my interest in them by joining a "model a month" club back in the mid 70s. Things like the Lunar Lander, and a Braniff International 747 were some of the kits I'd build that came in the mail. In the 80s I started my interest in armor. Most of it was German subjects from Tamiya. The Flak 88 was one of my favs along with the M3 Lee - my first foray into U.S. armor. About 6 years ago, being bored and looking for something to do, I took a ride into the local Hobby shop, and my love affair with models soared into new and wuthering heights. All those new plastic kits and resin and PE and reference books had my head spinning for months. I had a lot of catching up to do... nothing has changed since, except now I'm married to a wonderfully supportive woman. I now build and research history about WWII U.S. arms and armor.

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1.Spray-Work Painting StandBY TAMIYA, INC. ENGLISH

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