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Posted: Saturday, September 14, 2002 - 05:09 PM UTC
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@ 0900 The Veteran's Project
Reg Perkins (Army)

A series that documents the experiences of WWII veterans before, during, and after service. Reg Perkins, PFC U.S. Army, 75th Infantry Division, 290th Regiment, relates his story in voice-over, while family photos and combat footage enhance his moving testament. Features combat footage from the Battle of the Bulge, street fighting in France and Germany, captured enemy troops, and the guarding of German POWs. TV PG

@ 2000 & 0000 Battle Group: Halsey
Audacious, gruff, and the U.S. Navy's ultimate warrior, Admiral "Bull" Halsey led his naval forces to victory in the Pacific Theater of War, destroying a large part of the Imperial Japanese Navy in WWII. His daring leadership inspired the sailors he commanded, and the enemy feared his very presence. Some say he was the finest U.S. naval leader since John Paul Jones. In this 2-hour special we'll meet the man and explore his battles, talking with officers and men who served under him. TV G

@ 2300 & 0300 Sink the Bismarck!
This 2-hour documentary joins the world's greatest sea chase as the British pursue the pride of the German navy, the battleship Bismarck. Features interviews with Ted Briggs, survivor of the Hood, which was sunk by the Bismarck, the Bismarck's senior surviving officer, and the only U.S. military man to participate in the WWII chase. TV PG