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Hist. Chan. Aug. 25
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Posted: Saturday, August 24, 2002 - 05:36 PM UTC
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@ 0900 The Veteran's Project
John Bock (Coast Guard)

A series that documents the experiences of WWII veterans before, during, and after service. John Bock, Seaman 1st Class, U.S. Coast Guard, relates his story in voice-over, while family photos and combat footage enhance his moving testament. Bock joined in July 1944 and was assigned to an LST (Landing Ship Tank) in the Navy. At Iwo Jima, he helped take troops ashore and bring back wounded, and at Okinawa, a kamikaze hit his LST. He also talks about crossing the equator and going through hazing. TV G

@ 1100 This Week in History
Aerial Combat

This week, we take to the skies and tour the brand new Cradle of Aviation Museum on Long Island, New York. There, in the shadow of legendary warplanes from at least five different conflicts, we learn the fascinating story of aerial combat. It's a journey that begins when the first U.S. air force deployed its primitive biplanes to hunt down an elusive bandit, and continues into the modern era of stealth technology. TV G

@ 2000 repeats @ 0000 The Color of War
Air War

Of all the assignments a serviceman might find himself undertaking in WWII, flying seemed to offer the greatest promise of glory. What was not initially apparent was that flying would become the most dangerous job of the war. A flyer had less chance of survival than any other serviceman in any other branch of the military. Peter Coyote narrates this compelling look at the air war through the eyes of those who lived it, with rare color footage and interviews with Army Air Corps and RAF veterans. TV PG

@ 2100 repeats @ 0100 Corsair: Pacific Warrior
Its strange bent wings and long nose made the Corsair one of the most distinctive fighter planes. First flown in 1940, it was the world's fastest single-engine fighter, with a diving speed of more than 500 m.p.h. Designed for use on aircraft carriers, it proved too hot to handle during deck landing. Adopted for land use, Marine Corsair pilots decimated the Japanese Air Force in the Solomon Islands. Finally, Corsairs went back to sea and defended the Navy from kamikaze attack. TV G

@ 2200 repeats @ 0200 Soviet Top Secret Weapons
During the Cold War, much of the Soviet Union's economy went into developing weapons. With paranoia about U.S. technical superiority at a height, even the craziest sounding idea stood a chance--the military-industrial complex incubated ambitious, but often unfeasible weaponry. We focus on the sinking of M-256, which lost 37 submariners, and the Ekranopian, a super-secret flying ship capable of carrying thousands of soldiers or missiles over great distances at high speeds under radar detection. TV G

@ 2300 repeats @ 0330 Mail Call
Civil War Cannoneers/Night Vision/Clearing a Minefield

R. Lee Ermey, who portrayed the sergeant in "Full Metal Jacket", applies his gruff sense of humor in this half-hour series that answers viewers' mail about what the armed forces were, and really are, like! Shot on location, Ermey reads the questions on air and then sends them out to military experts in the field for answers and brief demonstrations. Find out how Civil War cannoneers aimed their artillery pieces; exactly how night vision technology works; and how to clear a minefield. TV G

@ 2330 repeats 0330 Basic Training
The Army's newest soldiers confront the realities of war when they receive their M16-A-2 automatic rifle. For many, this is the first time they have ever held any weapon. Then, they head out to the combat pit for instructions in hand-to-hand fighting and ultimately face off against their battle buddy in a one-on-one full-contact competition. TV G
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Tennessee, United States
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Posted: Saturday, August 24, 2002 - 09:36 PM UTC
My son, who completed basic at Ft.Knox, about 14 months ago, says the "Basic Training" at Ft. Jackson, as seen in the program you list, is way yoo easy!!! They must be trying to sucker in more enlistees. BCT at Ft. Knox is all male so the trainees are treated a little harsher than at Ft. Jackson, where training in "CO-ED"