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Posted: Saturday, August 10, 2002 - 05:20 PM UTC
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@ 0900 The Veteran's Project
Ronald Zimmerman (Navy)

A series that documents the experiences of WWII veterans before, during, and after service. The veteran relates his story in voice-over, while family photos and combat footage enhance his moving testament. TV G

@ 1500 Science and the Swastika
The Wrong Stuff

During WWII, German aviation medics experimented on inmates of the Dachau concentration camp. At war's end, 10 doctors stood in the dock at Nuremberg. But many others were also responsible, including scores of scientists that were spirited to the United States to work for the military and the budding space program. As we follow the trail of the doctors and the scientific results that were obtained by murder, we see how post-war aviation and NASA's moon program were contaminated by Nazi crimes. TV 14

@ 1600 Science and the Swastika
The Good German

Werner Heisenberg was one of Germany's leading physicists before WWII. We look at his rise and fall and the failure of Nazi Germany to build the atom bomb. When Nazi ideology overtook physics, the scientific baton was passed to the U.S. and Great Britain with the mass exodus of "brains" from Germany. But many stayed--we reveal the complicity of the remaining German physicists with the Third Reich and the moral dilemmas they faced in the aftermath of the war. TV PG

@ 2000 repeats @ 0000 The Color of War
Into the Breach

Peter Coyote narrates this compelling journey into WWII through the eyes of the those who lived it, completely in color! When the U.S. was propelled into war on December 7, 1941, Europe had been torn by war for over two years. In America, the small professional armed forces that began the war were quickly replaced by draftees--civilians thrown "into the breach" after barely three months of training. These rare and amazing images show how these fresh-faced conscripts became battle-hardened warriors. TV PG

@ 2100 repeats @ 0100 The Aircraft Carrier
The dramatic story of how the Essex-class aircraft carriers rose like a phoenix after the Pacific Fleet's destruction at Pearl Harbor. Weighing in at over 27,000 tons, and over 800 feet in length, they were known as floating cities--and the spearhead of every naval battle in the Pacific Theater of War. Despite their huge size, each carrier was terrifyingly vulnerable, holding tens of thousands of gallons of fuel. Though the target of kamikaze assaults, no carrier was sunk by the Japanese. TV G

@ 2200 Cover Up: Attack on the USS Liberty
On June 8, 1967, the intelligence ship USS Liberty, stationed off the Sinai Peninsula during the Six-Day War, was attacked by unmarked jets and later by unmarked torpedo boats. In all, 34 men were killed and 171 wounded. Deep into the attack, the captain and crew realized that the aggressor was their ally, Israel, who claimed they couldn't identify the ship as American. We examine crewmembers' contentions that the attack was intentional and that both governments covered up the true details. TV PG

@ 2300 repeats @ 0300 Mail Call
R. Lee Ermey, who portrayed the sergeant in "Full Metal Jacket", applies his gruff sense of humor in this half-hour series that answers viewers' mail about what the armed forces were, and really are, like! Shot on location, Ermey reads the questions on air and then sends them out to military experts in the field for answers and brief demonstrations. TV G

@ 2330 repeats @ 0330 Basic Training
A true-reality series that follows six recruits through every grueling moment of Army Basic Training. Given unprecedented access to the entire three-month ordeal, this half-hour 26-part series follows four men and two women from indoctrination to graduation. Experience their successes, failures, pain and elation around the clock as they strive to be "All That You Can Be." TV G