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Delaware, United States
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Posted: Sunday, August 01, 2004 - 10:35 PM UTC

Hi everyone hope you can help me i have been out of the frame for years and would like some advice regard paint, brushes vices glue anything you think is good value and does a good job things have developed so much since i stopped any advice would be great.

Regards tango20
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Wisconsin, United States
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Posted: Monday, August 02, 2004 - 01:03 AM UTC
Some of this may seem obvious to you but here goes:

X-acto knife with #11 blade (the standard blade)
X-acto knife with #17 blade (chisel)
X-acto knife handle with a pin in place of a knife blade
(for scribing and center punching)
pin vise
drill bit set for pin vise
needle nose pliers
wire cutter
parts sprue cutter
razorsaw and miter box
glue- have more than one type so you can choose
which one to use for the task at hand. Some
basics would be ;
tube glue for plastics
liquid glue for plastics(use a fairly fine brush for this glue -and use only for this glue)
super glue (CA)
gel super glue
white glue (Elmers etc.)
some smaller vises -Panavise makes some very nice
needle file set
sand paper of various grades from 220 to 2000 grit
emery boards (sand paper type nail file)
various clamps for holding parts together as glue sets
spring type clothes pins
a set of decent quality paint brushes for basic painting
high quality fine brushes for figure painting(keep figure
brushes only for figures)
paint brand and type depends on your preferences:
Testors Model Master series is good solvent
based paint
Tamiya makes good acryics
Humbrol makes good solvent based also
There are many good brands of paint out there. The problem is, what is readily available to you in your area?
Seperate jars of brush cleaner- one for metallics one for non-metallics
decal setting solution - I prefer Solvaset from Walthers
masking tape - I prefer 3M Scotch brand Painters safe release #2090

magnifying glass or viser
machinist square
combination square
work area with good lighting- some would suggest an OTT light
earth tone pastel chalks
Future acrylic floor polish
Gloss coat
Dull coat

Many of these tools can be found cheaper at hardware and liquidator stores. Just keep your eyes open whenever you are out shopping. You can get a great catalog with many quality tools from MicroMark. They do mail oreder. Also Walthers railroad catalogs have excellent tool sections . You can order Walthers through your hobby shop or their web site.

I am sure I missed things that many of you regard as indispensable. (Like an Airbrush and Compressor) Please add to the list.