Wisconsin, United States

Occupation: slave to the mortgage
Interests: model railroading and model building
Username: 19k


About 19k
Joined group 2 April 2004. Have been building models as far back as I can recall. I think I held my first X-acto when I was 6. My parents sure trusted me. That's over thirty years ago. I build just about everything from dinosaurs to sci-fi but my passions are armor and model railroad. I enjoy doing the research for my builds so I can try to most accurately portray the subjects. I have a fair library of armor information, focussed mainly on German WWII and U.S. modern. Unfortunately, this information can only be tapped by asking me questions as it is in the form of books. If any questions are asked I will do my best to answer them. I shall also do my best to answer questions I can help with if I come across them in the forums. To finish, I'll explain the 19k. You see, that was and perhaps still is the U.S. Army MOS designation for an M1 Abrams armor crewman- of which I was one. These are some awesome pieces of equipment. I was on both the M1 and I was in the tank company that was first to field the M1A1. These tanks were fresh from the factory and I was just off the plane from the FRG.

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