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Hist. Chan. July 27
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Posted: Friday, July 26, 2002 - 05:18 PM UTC
All Times EST

@ 0730 Vietnam: The Ten Thousand Day War

An exploration of the 77-day assault on Khe Sanh. Richard Basehart hosts the classic television history of the Vietnam War. TV G

@ 1100 The Long Gray Line: The Spirit of West Point
In a 2-hour unique look at the U.S. Military Academy, which celebrates its 200th anniversary in 2002, we chronicle how West Point develops leaders who embody the values of duty, honor, and country. Shot over the course of a year, the show begins with R-Day (Reception Day) and ends with the famous hat toss at graduation. We also cover key dramatic chapters in West Point history including the Civil War, the 1976 cheating scandal, and the controversial admittance of women. TV G

@ 1300 Tales of the Gun
Ten Guns That Changed the World

It could be argued that the gun is mankind's most important invention. If so, then which guns have had the greatest impact on history? The first repeating rifle or the first automatic pistol? The Gatling gun or the Tommy gun? See if you can guess which 10 guns our firearms experts and historians chose. Their choices were based upon innovative design, individual function, and impact on history. TV G

@ 1600 Drop Zone
Introduced in 1935 as a civilian aircraft, the Douglas DC3 made history by delivering the paratroops who spearheaded the invasion of Europe on D-Day. Known in the military as the C-47 or the Dakota, it was hailed as the single most important aircraft design in aviation history. We reveal the reasons General Eisenhower paid special tribute to the unarmed C-47. Miniature cameras take viewers inside to relive the tension of the paratroopers as they prepare to jump into history on "the Longest Day". TV G

@ 1700 Modern Marvels: Then and Now
Siege Machines

A look at siege machines--a machine that converts energy into mechanical force to go over, under, or through fortified or fixed defenses too strong for conventional force. These engines range from man's first long-range missile weapon, the slingshot, to the laser cannons and satellite-destroying robots of the 21st century. All of these machines are designed to breach barriers--castle walls, entrenched troops, even outer space. When the going gets tough, the tough get siege machines. TV G

@ 1800 Modern Marvels: Then and Now
Big Rigs of Combat: Tanks

The rousing story of the tank, from its primitive appearance in WWI to the high-tech world of modern tank warfare, with emphasis on the tank's Golden Age during WWII. TV G
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Posted: Saturday, July 27, 2002 - 12:27 AM UTC
Oooooooooo ill make note of those, and have my note pad ready too

Last night the, 6th was moderen weapons: Tanks, that was neat.