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Hist Chan. July 15
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Posted: Sunday, July 14, 2002 - 06:20 PM UTC
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@ 0830 repeats @ 1430 Great Blunders in History
The Last Flight of the "Lady Be Good"

When a young American B-24 Liberator crew became lost over the Mediterranean during a daylight-bombing mission, they ended up overshooting their base on the Libyan coast and crashed deep in the desert. It took 20 years to discover their fate and even longer to identify the errors that led to the tragedy. TV G

@ 0900 repeats @ 1500 Great Blunders in History
Collision at Sea: The Queen Mary and HMS Curacao

On her way to England from the U.S., while transporting 10,000 GIs, the Queen Mary could not slow down below 30 knots for fear of being torpedoed. On one of her zigzag movements to avoid submarines, she cut an escorting cruiser in two. Vintage footage relates the story of one of the 20th century's greatest blunders at sea. TV G

@ 0930 repeats @ 1530 Great Blunders in History
Desert One

A look back at a colossal political and military mistake: the aborted attempt by U.S. Special Forces to rescue the hostages from the U.S. Embassy during the Iranian Revolution in 1980. Operation Eagle Claw's failure gave the Iranians a propaganda coup as they beamed pictures of destroyed helicopters at Desert One--a makeshift desert airstrip. TV G

@ 1030 rpeats @ 1630 Great Blunders in History
The Raid on Dieppe

Early in World War II, the Canadians were anxious to prove themselves and agitated for action. But their first major operation, the 1942 raid on the French port at Dieppe, proved disastrous. We'll find out who really was to blame for the tragedy. TV G

@ 1100 repeats @ 1700 Great Blunders in History
The Bomb Plot to Kill Hitler

A look at one of the biggest blunders of WWII, when a plot by German opposition failed to kill Hitler in 1944 at the Wolf's Lair. There, a young aristocratic officer placed a briefcase containing a bomb under Hitler's map table. When the explosion failed to kill Hitler, the disorganized conspirators were soon rounded up and hanged. TV G

@ 1200 repeats @ 1800 Great Blunders in History
The Spruce Goose

In a look at some of history's greatest design blunders, we examine the Spruce Goose and the Bristol Brabzon. Hailed as the largest and quietest flying boat and largest airliner in the world, both lumbering giants creaked into the air, suffering from design blunders and outdated technology. TV G

@ 1230 repeats @ 1830 Great Blunders in History
Titanic: An Accident Waiting to Happen

Did too few lifeboats and cost-cutting materials, plus pressure from the Titanic's owner to travel at full speed, bring about the disaster? We'll look at the mistakes that caused this "unsinkable" luxury liner to go down on her maiden voyage. TV G

@ 1300 repeats @ 1900 Super Guns
An examination of guns that exist on the cutting edge of firearm technology. Fighting battles on computers decades before an actual shot is fired, these super guns may make the world safer...or more dangerous than ever before. TV G

@ 2100 repeats @ 0100 Unconventional Warfare
Whether ingenious, inspired, or just nefarious, unconventional warfare is often used as a last resort. Today's top military tacticians look at previous unconventional techniques, from the Trojan Horse to Hannibal's army of elephants, British fire ships to flying corpses riddled with smallpox, as well as modern implementations, such as terrorism and computer viruses. TV PG

@ 2300 repeats @ 0300 Ghost Plane of the Desert: "Lady Be Good"
April 4, 1943--25 B-24 Liberators take off from their base in Libya on a bombing mission to Italy, but only 24 return. In 1959, a British survey team discovers a plane, deep in the desert. Using the diary of two crewmembers, along with the crew's remains, we learn of their struggle to cross 100 miles of desert, without food or water. TV G
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Posted: Sunday, July 14, 2002 - 09:40 PM UTC
lady be good is a good feature i have seen it before