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Hist. Chan. June 20 ***MODELS***
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Posted: Wednesday, June 19, 2002 - 05:09 PM UTC
All Times Eastern Standard

@ 0900 repeats @ 1500 Sworn to Secrecy
Korea: Stalin's Secret Air War

American pilots on classified missions over the Yalu River engage in dogfights with Russian pilots at the onset of the Cold War. Charlton Heston narrates. TV G

@ 1000 repeats @ 1600 Great Blunders in History
MacArthur's Crossing of the 38th Parallel in Korea

General Douglas MacArthur's daring Inchon landings forced the invading North Koreans to fall back in confusion during the Korean War. But instead of stopping when he left South Korean territory, he insisted on pushing forward to the Communist Chinese border. TV G

@ 2000 repeats @ 0000 The Rape of Nanking
Imagine an atrocity so shocking that the official who stood against it most bravely was an avowed Nazi! In this searing investigation, we chronicle the massacre at Nanking, when Japanese troops overcame a spirited Chinese defense in 1937, then proceeded to slaughter 350,000 prisoners of war and civilians over a two-month period. TV 14-V

@ 2100 repeats @ 0100 Greatest Raids
The Cockleshell Heroes

December 12, 1942--an explosion ripped through the hull of a German freighter in the French port of Bordeaux, destroying four blockade runners--German ships that fed the Nazi war machine. Royal Marine Major "Blondie" Hasler had been given the task of halting this flow, for which he devised the "cockle"--a collapsible two-man canoe that carried raiders equipped with limpet mines to the heart of the enemy. We also look at operations in Singapore--an amazing 1,500-mile trip inside Japanese territory. TV PG

@ 2200 repeats @ 0200 Models[b]

[b]Though they duplicate the real world for fun and fantasy, models are not always toys and they're not always tiny. We explore the magic of these fascinating replicas--from the Rover and Lander models for the Mars Exploration Project to ancient Egyptian ship models found in tombs to English ship models from the Age of Sail. We also look at the rage for hobby modeling, with Lionel trains leading the pack, watch models go to war with scale warplanes in WWII, and invade science fiction films. TV G

:-) :-) :-)
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Posted: Thursday, June 20, 2002 - 06:28 AM UTC
that should be real interesting #:-)