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Squadron green vs white putty
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Illinois, United States
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Posted: Thursday, February 07, 2008 - 08:32 PM UTC
Sorry if this is elementary, but what is the difference between these two? Do they perform similar jobs or are they intended for different purposes?
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Kansas, United States
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Posted: Friday, February 08, 2008 - 05:19 AM UTC

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what is the difference between these two?

The color.

But seriously, I think green putty is a bit smoother, but they both stink to high heaven. I much prefer using a two-part putty like Apoxie Sculpt. No stink, no harmful chemicals, no shrinkage, easier to use, etc., -- I cannot think of one thing I like about Squadron Green or White putties. They were all we had "back in the day," but there are much better products available now.