Kansas, United States

Occupation: newspaper editor
Interests: 1/35th armor, artillery, softskins, figures, dios (mostly WWII Allied, but build most anything that catches my fancy).
Username: Hollowpoint


About Hollowpoint
My first memories of models is when I was a young kid living in Frankfurt, Germany, where my father was stationed with the U.S. Army. We built lots of little kits -- 1/72nd airplanes, spacecraft, cars -- it was something fun and easy to do. I continued modeling mostly cars until I was in my mid-teens -- then modelling went on hold for real cars, girls, etc. When I joined the Army myself and was posted in Germany, I discovered modeling magazines and models in the PX. My interest was rekindled and I have been modeling military ever since. My primary interest is WWII U.S. vehicles, but I am known to build about anything that catches my fancy, including D&D gaming figures, large vinyl figures and science fiction vehicles.

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