Dalarnas, Sweden

Interests: Military history and uniforms, but I have a special interest in halftracks, particularly the SdKfz 251. Yet lately bushcraft has started to play a very important role in my life, pushing my previous hobbys to the background.
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I bought my first model with my first earned cash at the age of 16. It was an Airfix Panther in 1/72. Soon after that (very soon) I got my self a Tiger in that scale too. From that moment on the modellingbug had bitten me and I kept buying kits every now and then. The switch to 1/35 came when I was about 18 and together with a friend, we started to do dioramas in a wargaming fashion, using wet sand to create a landscape, which, once dry, was perfect for displaying our builds. After a couple of years I switched to building motorcycles, mainly Tamiya's 1/12 bikes, but eventually I came around again to 1/35 military in my early 30's. It was then that i started building and painting on a more serious level, with the main emphasis on modern armor in the beginning, soon followed by single figures or little vignettes in 54mm up to 120mm. And now, since 4 years or so, I do 1/35 armor again. WW2, with German halftracks as the main interest. This doesn't keep me from wondering of to other subjects though. If I have an interest in something, I build it. My second, main interest in military affaires is military history. I love studying events, campaigns and/or people. Within this particular field of interest, European Waffen-SS volunteers (Wiking, Nordland etc) and (senior) commanders,like Guderian and/or von Manstein, are favorites. I used to do unioforms too, but since the figurepainting has been pushed to the background, so did the interest in uniforms in general.

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